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knowing what it all taste like: from Cass on 2007-11-15

I was diagnosed with Coeliac the year i turned 18, ONE WEEK before Christmas. I never thought that changing my diet would be so draining and depressing. That Christmas day meant no yummy gravey with my roast, or those mouth watering puddings at nan's house, the first Christmas in 18 years that i remember feeling slightly unhappy.
Especially being 18, i was the typical teenager, wanting to be out with friends, drinking BEER (a big no no) and having the late night snacks of a yiros on our drunk walk home. This was one area that i found so terribly hard, explaining to al my friends why i wouldnt be able to eat the same way anymore.

At this stage in my life i realise how i would never have gotten through it without my mum. (who also sufers). We had a beautiful home cooked gluten free meal each night and when we were to go out or away, mum would always make sure that there was something nice gluten free for the both of us to eat. My big brother was also an angel in my eyes. Not suffering from coeliac himself, but being a carrier of the desease, he knew more about it then i did. So being out i could always count on him being there knowing what i can and cant eat. Although as much as i praise my mum throughout this time in my life, she copped a lot of my stress and angry from having to hange my whole lifestyle. Becasue i knew the conition was genetic, i knew what side of the family it had came from, since mum suffered. I used to tell mum at least 10 times at day how much i hated the stupid desease that she gave me. I never knew how much it upset her until one day when we were sitting down she told me how sorry she was for passing on coeliac to me. I didnt think a few angry words really would effect her so much. Mum now knows i only used to say those words because she is my mum, girls take everything out on their mum but will always love them more then anything.

Coeliac has changed my life, now living out of home i know just how hard my mum worked to provide the right diet for the both of us.

This is one fear i have about having children.. How will i ever be able to bring a child up on a gluten free diet as well as my mum did mine, even as i started my adult life