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links between coeliac and diabetic: from Peter on 2007-03-19

There are a lot of medical papers that discuss the link between the coeliac condition and diabetes, but few that examine the reasons.

One possibility is a common genetic suseptibility, and this may become apparent with more study of the human genome.

The more likely possibility is that the damage caused by absorbtion of gluten can trigger diabetes. The symptoms of a reaction to gluten are very widespread and variable.

links between coeliac and diabetic: from Jane on 2010-11-22

Have you looked at the Vitamin D deficiency debate, with regard to auto-immune diseases? Both coeliac and diabetes are auto-immune. I'm not a medic so I can't really give an opinion, but the Vitamin D thing (not enough sunlight in the UK etc....) makes very interesting reading. Oliver Gillie is one scientist who is researching in this area

links between coeliac and diabetic: from Peter on 2010-11-22

I have not been able to locate any studies reported in the medical literature that suggest that a lack of vitamin D could contribute to the cause of Coeliac condition.

There is a lot of published evidence that the problems with nutrient absorbtion associated with the coeliac condition can result in a greater risk of vitamin D deficiency.

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