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Malt extract: from AL on 2003-09-04

Is malt extract and malt flavouring a wheat based product containing gluten.
The reason I am asking is that some store brand Rice crispies said they contain Gluten, and yet the ingredients were the same as the brand "Kellogs" which did not have a warning

Re: Malt extract: from Peter on 2003-09-13

There are various ways of preparing some ingredients, and a malt extract produced at low cost may well contain gluten.

Wheat flour may have been used as a carrier for other added ingredients to aid mixing - but would not appear on the ingredients list.

This contamination is a serious worry for the coeliac studying labels.


Re: Malt extract: from on 2004-04-23

Malt is made from barley. That's why celiacs can't drink beer. It is also used
in many cereals for added flavoring. Don't eat anything with malt

Re: Malt extract: from on 2004-05-13

br /> Nancy:

Your are right. I found out the hard way bye garnishing a nice piece of pork with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Mustard at dinner.

However, ale is made from malt and a malting process, and unless stated otherwise started as RYE.

Although the Ale was listed as only number 5 ingredient, that was enough for me to know I had ingested gluten.


Re: Malt extract, Correction: from on 2004-05-13

br /> Whoops!

Forgive me, I said malt is made of rye, that is wrong, it could be but in the Western World, it is invariably made of BARLEY.

However, in some parts of the third-world to avoid taxes or to comply with government efforts to support and protect local growers of rye, wheat, rice, and occassionally rice, malt can be manufactured from rye, wheat, or rice, and, accordingly contain gluten or be free of gluten.

Sorry, for the snafu. I hope the unsolicited information helps make amends.


Re: Malt extract: from Caz on 2008-08-28

I am very interested in this post. I am not coeliac but do have an allergy to wheat. However, I find that when I eat something containing malt extract, even barley malt extract, I also appear to get a flare up. The product in question is Kellogs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. I've not reacted badly but have reacted all the same. The only thing that does surprise me is that Kellogs would make their malt extract this way. Anyone else with a wheat allergy found this ? I'd be interested to hear.

I've also come across a choc / raison bar made by Mars which says it's gluten and wheat free but, after reacting to it, I rang them to be told that their barley malt extract contained wheat. They said they were changing the label to reflect this. I wonder if Kellogs Crunchy Nuts are similar ?

Any ideas anyone ?


Re: Malt extract: from Anna on 2012-02-22

I too have found that I have flare-ups in my stomach when I've eaten something with barley malt syrup in it: pale ale, and Nairn's oat biscuits both cause this. Barley does contain gluten, but you may be right that the barley malt is not pure, and it contains wheat aswell. Note: when barley and oats are grown wheat grains can get mixed up with the crop of course, so no grain is pure unless grown in specially protected way