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Maltodextrin: from on 2004-04-27

Does maltodextrin contain gluten? I have seen this on the ingrediants of several food products but did not know if this was related to malt. What is maltodextrin, anyway? Also, does vinegar contain gluten? One piece I found said to avoid distilled vinegar and use only apple cider vinegar, but another piece I found said vinegar was fine. Any input would be appreciated.

Re: Maltodextrin: from Peter on 2004-04-28

I use a wine vinegar.


Re: Maltodextrin: from on 2004-04-29

Peter, no ideas about Maltodextrin

Re: Maltodextrin: from gj on 2004-05-06

maltodextrin is a sugar. it is a polymer of glucose and is not related to malt but rather the sugar maltose so it is gluten free

Re: Maltodextrin: from on 2004-05-29

Maltodextrin is a hydrolysed starch and is not related to "Malt" which is a gluten-containing derivative of cereal grains - as in "Barely Malt

Re: Maltodextrin: from on 2004-07-12

I have experienced symtoms of liver toxicity (muscel problems followed by extreme skin rash) since I began replacing sugar with Splenda, which contains maltodextrin. Does this substance share characteristics of aspertame

Re: Maltodextrin: from on 2004-11-06

8) Maltodextrin is prepared as a white powder or concentrated solution by partial hydrolysis of corn starch or potato starch with safe and suitable acids and enzymes. (1) Maltodextrin, when listed on food sold in the USA, must be (per FDA regulation) made from corn or potato. This rule does NOT apply to vitamin or mineral supplements and medications. (2) Donald Kasarda Ph.D., a research chemist specializing on grain proteins, of the United States Department of Agriculture, found that all maltodextrins in the USA are made from corn starch, using enzymes that are NOT derived from wheat, rye, barley, or oats. On that basis he believes that celiacs need not be too concerned about maltodextrins, though he cautions that there is no guarantee that a manufacturer won't change their process to use wheat starch or a gluten-based enzyme in the future. (3) - May 1997 Sprue-Nik News
1. Federal Register (4-1-96) 21 CFR. Ch.1, Section 184.1444
2."Additives Alert", an information sheet from the Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group, updated early in 1997. This specific information comes from Nancy Patin Falini, the dietitian advisor for the group and a speaker at a national celiac conferences in the past few years.
3. From the CELLIAC Listserv archives, on the Internet, Donald D. Kasarda, posted November 6, 1996

Re: Maltodextrin: from on 2004-12-09

I don't know, but you are the first person I have found who has had a bad reaction to Splenda, besides my husband. He is a diabetic, and when Splenda was first showing up in store products he was thrilled. He drank all sorts of juice drinks with splenda. Prior to that he had not had any artificial sweetners. within 6 months he had lost 20\% of his kidney function. When he got off them, his next test 6 months later showed he had gone back up in kidney function to what he had been before the Splenda. Interresting huh

Re: Maltodextrin: from peter on 2005-03-03

Aspratame is anything but healthy. There is TONS of evidence stating this. Even though you might not feel the effects at first, long term effects will show. Maltodextrin has nothing to do with aspartame and is perfectly heallthy (and gluten-free

Re Maltodextrin: from on 2005-06-04

isnt maltodextrin addictive -used in sour skittles and pringles

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