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Re: Maltodextrin: from Jeri on 2009-05-04

Taylor, the diarrhea could have caused a drop in electrolytes, particularly magnesium. Read up on magnesium deficiency and deficiencies of the other electrolytes including potassium, calcium, sodium and chloride. The impending sense of doom is quite common for someone suffering from magnesium or electrolyte deficiency just before their body shuts down electrically... you will find how the palpitations can relate.. read the book Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology by Dr. Stephen Sinatra - especially the section on magnesium

Re: Maltodextrin: from Stephanie Martinez on 2009-05-06

So I"m not crazy... I have been trying to figure out for months what has caused my digestive symptoms.. Have been gluten free for one year, and since that time I have noticed an increase in food intolerances including dairy.. I also FINALLY traced my symptoms to maltodextrin.. I was eating peanut butter as well as soy ice cream and noticed that both gave me excessive gas and bloating.. I'm going to bet it's the maltodextrin... Wow, nice to know that someone else has same symptoms

Re: Maltodextrin: from Mary on 2009-05-15

I have an intolerance for lactose as a result of acute gastroenteritis 2+ years ago. My doctor is suspecting I may have celiac's disease because of the antibodies present, however, I have no problem eating gluten. I believe that the gastro has stripped out more than the lactase from my gut. The reaction to maltodextrin is probably a result of that and a bowel probiotic from the health store can deal with that, I believe

Re: Maltodextrin: from Mary on 2009-05-29

This is a further instalment. I was using the probiotic from the health store but not getting any better. In fact, the diarrhea and flatulence worsened. Then I discovered that the probiotic had maltodextrin in it

Re: Maltodextrin: from Trudy Hall on 2009-06-20

I'm a young 65-year-old female who figured out from the internet about my intolerance to maltodextrin. After having to call 911 and being hospitalized for two days about a year and a half ago going through heart tests, an esophageal scope and dilation, and still having the same symptoms four months later, I was so happy to find postings from people like you which helped me self-diagnose my problem. I looked at the ingredients in Slim-Fast which I was drinking every morning, and there was maltodextrin!

When I eat something with maltodextrin, there's a bad pressure in my chest, and it feels like someone's pressing on my adam's apple (if women have adam's apples). Real ice cream (not ice milk), custards, and puddings have a similar reaction, but I'm ok with other dairy products. Even back to the age of 19 I've had IBS (back then they termed it "spastic colon").

I was visiting with my dogs' vet about their allergies and told him I recently discovered I'm allergic to maltodextrin, and he said it happens mostly in people who have an allergy to corn. Since I was a kid, my nose severely itched when I chewed gum (with corn syrup), had fried chicken (cooked in corn oil), ate corn on the cob, ate bread (with corn meal) or was served egg nog with "corn" liquor. The vet's been the only "doctor" who's known anything about the maltodextrin allergic reactions.

After eating a packaged brownie night before last, I again ended up in the E.R. yesterday undergoing heart tests (which came out fine) all because the allergic symptoms of excessive sweating, chest pain, and nausea are so similar to symptoms of heart attacks. I'm as frustrated as all of you in the proliferation of the use of maltodextrin in so many products.

Re: Maltodextrin: from Erica on 2009-07-17

I am so confused int rying to figure out whats wrong with me. I have been fighting stomach issues for ever it seems and none of the doctors can figure it out. I have 1 celiac gene so they say so i may be gluten sensitive but they dont know. Not all breads seem to affect me.

I recently realized that I am not allergic to milk, but ffod like processed ice cream, starbucks frappacino, and smoothies (jamba juice etc {even without dairy} seem to make me sick.

One common ingredient seems to be maltodextrin. But i hear its safe as long as its from corn or rice. I also have been diagnosed with IBS but am now wondering if its not something i just need to avoid. For example, last night i just ate salad and jello with cool whip and had an awful reaction.....

I have developed asthma, have had a rash that the doctors could not figure out, nor would it go away without use of prednazone (sp).

I cant stand the constand bloating.

Recently i have been getting headaches, worse i have had pressure build-ups similar to the feeling when you hang up side down, although i dont hang upside down. any ideas

Re: Maltodextrin: from Tina on 2009-09-10

I have a reaction to Maltodextrin also. I have reacted with an acne rash over my entire face, and chest. Does not itch. Discovered when I had been taking digestive enzymes that listed Maltodextrin. I am now on a Gluten Free diet, which is difficult, because some of the things they say do not have gluten, give me trouble. It's just hit and miss for me

Re: Maltodextrin: from Victoria on 2009-09-16


Thanks for your post. What exactly is that enzyme called? I need to get that. If I accidently consume Maltodextrin ever again my family threatens to throw me out of the house until all the gas passes. I get the most horrible, uncontrollable antisocial noxcious intestional gas from that wicked Maltodextrin. It's so bad I hate myself until it passes. Im afraid to go out in pubic because its so bad and so embarassing, so finding out what exactly you are using that helps would be wonderful. Thank you

Re: Maltodextrin: from Victoria on 2009-09-16

The FDA approved Nutrasweet (aspartame) and everyone swore up and down that it was a harmless natural sweetner until tons of people who consumed it regularly were getting severe headaches and brain tumors. Finally people researching this product found it was an arsenic! Splenda was discovered by mixing INSECTICIDE! The person mixing it was told to "test it" and he thought they said "taste it" so he dipped his finger in it and tasted it and said it was "sweet like sugar." We've been consuming pestacides and poisons that were FDA approved for years. I would not be surprised if eventually someone starts testing Maltodextrin and finally confirms how harmful it is

Re: Maltodextrin: from Victoria on 2009-09-16


I get the same type of facial rash from products that contain red dye--culprits are typically candies--such as runts, nerds, skittles, etc.--any type of artifically colored candy like that, also jello, and drinks that have red dye either with artificial sweetner or sugar. I wondered what was causing this as it was sporadic not a regular thing so I knew it had to be something I was eating infrequently. I tracked it down to products containing the red dye and either sugar or artifical sweetner--both cause the same rash--it doesnt' matter about the sweetner type, it seems to be the food dye