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Re: Maltodextrin: from Kate on 2009-09-20

Yes, I have substituted the STEVIA products as a sweetener with very good

results (so far)

Just an option to consider

Re: Maltodextrin: from Maria Z on 2010-01-28

I too have gotten to the point where I can not move with out my whole entire body aching in pain.....symptoms of Fibromyalgia just like with what happens with Aspartame. I am going to stop using Splenda and see if my symptoms go away. Every muscle in my body aches and I truly think its the Splenda. A couple of months ago I ran out and was using regular sugar for about 3 weeks and looking back now.....I realize that my symptoms were not as bad and my depression lifted considerably. Lets face it.......we keep hoping for the perfect replacements for REAL foods and its just not gonna happen. If its not REAL FOOD than its not good for us

Re: Maltodextrin: from susan King on 2010-01-28

maltodextrin makes me very ill... and as I read this I see that it just came on the market 2008... I thought i had some kind of food poiosioning.. Maldodextrin is made from echoli and that is exactly how ill I get.. as if I have food poisioning.

Does anyone have a list of current and popular foods that are now using it ??

My last exposure was the Welch's dark grapejuice... full of it !! Guess I won't be able to take communion anymore... hahaha

Re: Maltodextrin: from julia platt on 2010-02-26

I have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease. I have been overweight for most of my adult life and havn't been able to explain it. I have suffered with severe constipation, severe hair thinning, itchy skin, bloating and stomache cramps. Since going gluten free these have stopped. My doctor started me on calcium tabs with vit d in them and had sever wind/cramps that lasted about 12 hrs. I didn't take them the next day and was fine. After taking them again and getting the same symptoms i looked at the list of ingredients and maltodextrin was listed. I have now noticed that anything containing maltodextrin has the same effects. I have read on the internet that maltodextrin sourced in the EU is probably made from wheat whereas in the USA it is made from corn, potato or rice.https://celiacdisease.about.com/od/faqs/f/Maltodextrin.htm

Check it out. There is so much conflicting info that it baffles the brain

Re: Maltodextrin: from Richard Harms on 2010-04-05

I recently began eating "Cheez Puffs? ------three 7 Oz. bags in as many days.

Shortly thereafter, I experienced severe intestinal cramps, diarrhea, and, on at least one occassion, feces that looked almost like raw hamburger (possibly blood). The feces had become almost black, as opposed to the normal brown that I had excreted in the past.

I told a relative who suffers from a colon disorder, and he advised to check the ingredients of the Cheez Puffs. You guessed it; one was"Maltodextrin."

My internet search for "multidextrine side effects" lead me to "Veronica Hughes posting," and my decision to elmiinate this ingredient as much as possible from my diet.

I have been "Cheez Puff free" for two days, and the symptoms have stated to subside.

Re: Maltodextrin: from Belinda on 2010-04-10

I am so interested to see all these reports of negative reactions to maltodextrin.

My son has a server allergy to artificial sweeteners, both chemical and natural based (haven’t tried Stevia yet?) Poor little guy is 5, and with the growing amount of things containing all of these products, it is so hard for him to have treats! I even have to buy special toothpaste, as all toothpaste contains artificial sweeteners.

I have recently realised though that this allergy is including maltodextrin, he’s just gone off to a birthday party knowing that he can’t have anything to eat or drink, other than water, because he might have a reaction. It breaks my heart! I have been trying to up his “good bacteria” to assist him, but it is not working that well. Would love if anyone has any other ideas???

Funnily enough, he can’t have any medicines because they all contain artificial sweeteners! You can imagine the sympathy I get from the medical community, none at all… When I asked why there was no natural sugar in any of the children’s paracetamol or other medicines the response was “because it rots their teeth!” Seriously, this is what we are up against… RIDICULOUS!

His reaction is so severe that we can't leave the house! I worry what long term damage is being done by accidental exposure

Re: Maltodextrin: from Helen on 2010-05-16

I have also had a very bad reaction after eating a food containing maltodextrin. It took me a few months of methodical testing to be sure that it was the maltodextrin that caused the reaction. I wish the manufacturers would stop sneaking it into foods where

we don't expect it, like frozen ready-to-cook hamburgers. Now i check all labels and won't buy anything that contains dextrin, dextrine or maltodextrin.


Re: Maltodextrin: from PickyAunt on 2010-08-10

To 'healthy 50 y/o woman' - you're not alone !

I am a bit older and I am also allergic to dairy (tested as child) as well as soy (but not yeast). I developed an 'intolerance' to maltodextrin last year whilst recovering from an injury and consuming lots of "Boost" and "Ensure."

Same unpleasant symptoms! (ditto sugar alcohols, like maltitol)

It is in so many foods, even 'health food' ! I have just discovered it might even be in a stevia product I have been using ! In the USA, products can simply be labeled "natural flavors" and one has no way of knowing from the label if maltodextrin is in it or not. Have also found it in most protein supplements.

It is NOT gluten, so it is also in some gluten-free products

Watch out for "natural flavors" !

Re: Maltodextrin: from Lucy on 2010-08-16

I have suffered from a maltodextrin allergy ever since it begun to be used wholesale in foods. I dare not eat out anywhere because although it may be an expensive restaurant that makes it's food fresh, even a teaspoon of gravy with this entotoxin in will have me bathroom-ridden for two days!

I also avoid anything that says 'flavouring/natural flavouring' because invairiably what they actually mean is 'cheap, toxic carbohydrate' ie MALTODEXTRIN.

I am on the look out for any petitions to get the effects researched further, does anyone know of one

Re: Maltodextrin/SPLENDA: from Kelli on 2011-01-27

I personally cannot use splenda or any other sugar substitutes. They all make me very ill especially splenda. I quickly get a headache,and start throwing up. So I would visit your doctor about these symptoms so they can be documented. You also want to make sure it isn't effecting any other part of your system unknowingly

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