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Re: MIGRAINE: from Peter on 2007-06-13

It is very common to have headaches and cravings in the first few weeks after going gluten-free.
This is very similar to withdrawal symptoms from coffee or drugs, but they do fade with time so stick with it.

Re: MIGRAINE: from Greta on 2008-04-23

I'm glad to hear this because I just stopped Gluten 4 days ago and have had a headache since then. I'll hang in there too

Re: MIGRAINE: from lynn on 2008-09-14

I suffered from headaches almost daily for 14years. After going to many neurologist, allergists, and internal medicine physicians, none could tell me why I was getting headaches. There was much speculation that it was allergies, hormonal, or did not know. I finally gave up on western medicine and went to a holistic doctor and acupuncture. The acupuncturist diagnosed me with a Wheat sensitivity based on traditional chinese medicine within a short time. I had the testing with an allergist and found out I was sensitive to wheat, barley and rye as well as many other foods. I went on a GF diet and within 6 months my headaches started to improve and now a year later I rarely have headaches. My holistic doctor told me it would take at least 6 mos to a year to feel better and she was right. She also diagnosed me with casien intolerance (cow's milk protein) so I am also dairy free. This has changed my life and I feel so much better. It is worth it eating gluten free

Re: MIGRAINE: from Patricia Brazil on 2010-02-05

I searched for a dietary cause for my severe migraines and discovered that a wheat free diet meant no more migraines for me.

I now know that I am coeliac as my IBS also stopped and a blistery rash I would often get on my buttocks also disappeared. I believe this is called DH.

For the last twenty years I have followed a gluten free diet and been well.

Many doctors in my experience do not connect CD to Migraine