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Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Kyla Duffy on 2005-07-09

Have you tried Whole Foods new gluten free breads? I really like the raisin bread, which is something that I have really missed in the last three years that I haven't been eating gluten.

Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Roberta Herrera on 2006-01-30

I found this recipe for Hunza Millet Bread on the internet

1 c. millet flour
1 c. grated carrors
1 T honey
1 T sea salt
1 T vegetable oil
2 eggs

Combine in bowl flour, crrots, oil, honey and salt.
Mix well, then stir 3/4c of boiling hot water into the mixture. Beat egg yolks well, adding 2 T. cold water. Continue to bet and then add to the mixture. Fold in stiffly beated egg whites and bake in a hot oiled pan -at- 350 for 40 min.

I just now found this recipe so have not had the chance to try it. Hope it will be a good one.

Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Pat Myers on 2006-03-07

I have a 5 yr. old daughter who canno't tolerate any gluten or dairy products. I want to try Peter Thomson's Millet recipe, but have a few questions. First of all, I will readily admit that I rarely bake anything, let alone bread! I was wondering if anyone could tell me what biocarbonate of water is and where I can purchase it? I am also uncertain what cream of tartar is, so can someone please tell me where this can be purchased as well.

Many Thanks, Pat (hampam -at- juno.com)

Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Peter on 2006-03-08

Bicarbonate of Soda and Cream of Tartar are the raising agent. They react together to produce bubbles of carbon dioxide inside the bread as it cooks.

Baking powder is made from Bicarbonate of Soda and Cream of Tartar and flour.
Since we don't want the flour, which may be wheat flour, we are just buying the ingredients separately. In the UK they are available from the cookery / baking shelf in any large supermarket.


Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Pat Myers on 2006-03-28

Thanks so much for answering my question that I submitted a few weeks ago. Can u tell me if the Potato millet bread that u list above tastes similar to Deland potato millet bread? I still have not tried to make the bread; however, I am thinking of making it today. Since removing my 5 yr. old daughter from wheat, gluten, casein, soy and milk, I am struggling to find a bread she will eat. I suppose I can always add honey or cinnamon to the bread mix to give it a sweeter taste, then maybe she'll give it a try!!??!!
Thanks, Pat

Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Pat Myers on 2006-03-29

My name is Pat and I attempted to make the millet bread; however, it did not rise much at all? I'm wondering what I may have done incorrectly? The only extra ingredient I added was a little honey.


Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Peter on 2006-03-29

Gluten-free breads tend not to rise very much. (It is the gluten in wheat breads that give them the distinct soft texture and lets them rise.)

Cook them in shallow tins, and try hotter then you would for normal breads.
Serve while still fresh and warm. They all go hard as they go cold.


Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Mary Enna on 2006-06-04

Hello, me and my two children (aged 4 & 7) are gluten intolerant so I'm looking for recipes for breads. Millet sounds good but all the recipes have eggs in them. The 4-year old is egg intolerant - & I'm not sure anyone should eat eggs every day several times a day? Are there any egg-free recipes out there?

I rotate our breads but an looking for one that contains whole grains and no eggs - as natural as possible. Can anyone help?

Many thanks
Mary Enna (England)

Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Rendi on 2006-07-12

Seeking bread recipe for dairy, soy, corn, potato, rice, and wheat intolerant toddler. Yes, my dd is allergic to almsot EVERYTHING we introduce to her! It's so bad the 4 times I gave her an organice brown rice she ended up in the hopsital all 4 times! It took me figuring out what was causing it, bc the docs said she couldn'tbe allergic to rice. However, the one thing she can tolerate is Millet. I am noticing all of the recipe's have veggie oil or rice in them and I am wondering if those can be substituted? Also, I currently don't give her eggs, so can it be egg free or at least just egg yolks? This poor girl barely gets to eat anything and I just play iwth textures, since I can't add foods or preservatives and everything must be all natural! She also cannot tolerate any corn derivatives, whihc is almost in everything! Thanks for your help.

Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Peter on 2006-07-12

The basic recipe where millet is grown is a porridge. Boil millet in water until soft and serve. Add milk, or whatever other ingredients the child can tolerate.

Rice allergies are more common in countries where rice is the staple diet. It is unusual with a western diet.

The digestive system develops the correct response as a child develops, so continuing with a low allergy milk feed for a longer period may allow the imune response to mature.

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