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Re Millet Bread Recipe: from victoria on 2010-05-26

I have celiac disease.............gluten and wheat allergy. I bought Samis millet and banana nut bread today.....had one slice.....3 hours later I was vomiting in a parking lot....the nausea and vomiting was very sudden........I became nau seous, and 30 minutes or less later very sick. I ate the bread at 230, and 3 hours later became sick. The same exact thing happend to me about a year ago,, timing the same. I have attributed this to Sami's millet bread. Even though the contents don not include wheat or gluten.........it IS NOT made in a wheat free bakery. Says on the label contains traces of wheat, nuts, etc.........This concerns me........a "trace" of wheat has never caused vomiting........hmmmmmmmm

Re: Millet Bread Recipe: from Jeff on 2010-11-09

the machine is called a proofing oven. It is used in most commercial bread making. The same thing can me done in the home oven with a bowl of hot water and a damp warm towel over the bread pan. heat the oven to about 100 degrees. any more will kill the yeast

Re: Millet Bread Recipe: from Lisa on 2010-12-28

Susan, I frequently buy the deland bakery oat bread and have had no issue with sickness.... as has my brother and his friend and we are all celiac. The cross contamination is from the millet. The facility (which I have visited) is NOT a gluten free facility, however, they try very hard not to contaminate their products. They do not use wheat at all. The millet bread (in all forms) made me ill... but the oat bread did not.

The reason they say may contain wheat is specifically because of cross contamination. I am not sure what oat products they use, but I am pretty sure it is a gluten free or at least gluten sensitive friendly brand (like bob's redmill perhaps)

The facility is in a natural store on 1792 in deland. I would run by there if you don't live too far away.

Re Millet Bread Recipe: from on 2011-01-14

If you are gluten intolerant do not eat Sami's products they are not gluten free, due to cross contamination in the bakeries facilities

Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Jess on 2011-02-27

This is a really good recipe. My boys really like it. The bread machine didn't do so well though. I make it by hand, but the crust is really hard when it is done. I have been putting it in a round loaf and rising it. I wonder if others have had this problem. It also doesn't say the temp. in the oven to bake it on. Any thoughts? I also saw a post to needing an egg substitute and I use 1 Tlb. of ground flax to 3 Tlb. water. I let it sit for 5 min. or so and the consistency become much like an egg. I have had the best luck with freshly ground flax, not the Bob's Red Mill already ground