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Millet Flour: from christine thomas on 2006-11-21

I have just purchased some millet flour from Tesco's (jalpur) and wonder if it is completly gluten free?

Millet Flour: from Peter on 2006-11-21

Tesco has very good quality inspections of the mills that provide it with flour.
Millet should be gluten-free, but check for any warnings of contamination on the packet.

The volume of products going through the big supermarkets can mean a much lower risk of contamination than similar products in health food shops.

Millet Flour: from edward. snowdon on 2008-03-03

We came across bread made from flax and millet in the U.S. recently and wonder if you could advise where in the u.k. these flours could be purchased and a recipe to make bread to ensure it is gluten free.

thank you for any help you may be able to offer

Millet Flour: from Peter on 2008-03-03

br>In the UK flax seed oil and flour are sold as linseed oil and flour.
Health food shops often stock them.

Millet Flour: from Peter on 2008-03-03

You could try this miller bread recipe.

Replace 1 oz of rice flour with 1 oz of linseed flour.

Millet Flour: from Sheona on 2008-03-12

Some of MixWell's GF flours (manufactured in Sweden, but now available in the UK) contain flax seeds. Visit MixWell's web site for further information