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my mum has been diagnosed with CD for almost 23 years: from Cindy Salmon on 2007-12-03

I do sympathise!

At 51, I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and at first I thought 'hey well at least I'll lose some weight' but 12 months on I've put on nearly a stone and a half and getting more depressed by the minute. Really, if anyone out there does know how to shift this weight please let me know too as I am now desperate!


my Mum has been diagnosed with CD for almost 23 years: from iris on 2008-04-15

My 15 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. We are a latino family and I had no clue to what the heck this was!! I was dumb founded to all this news. It has put a strain in my pocket and my daughter is very depressed but I have done some research and I have still yet to learn more out of all this. But I have found out that WEGMANS food stores carry a list of gluten free foods things that you be like WOW!! didn't know that, so go into the wegmans website and you can print out the list. I have learned to make certain meals for my daughter that I never thought I can make, we latino family love to cook with all kind of ingredients and seasonings so trust me I have learned to work around that. I do feel for your mom because I see it in my own child and it also depressess me because this is the first case in our family with this. If you need more information I can try to send it to you. ok