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Re: Necessary to be so strict: from Trevor on 2008-07-10

I am new to the world of food intolerances and am in the process of eliminating wheat products (yeast and dairy already out), from my diet. For me it is about choice. If I understand what it is I have to do with my diet, and what the impact is of not doing so, then at least I want to make an informed choice. On the face of it, this does not seem difficult, I want to enjoy good health for as long as I possibly can, and the things this allows me to do. In reality its quite painful to identify, and then eliminate the culprits, and understand the long term implications of not removing wheat (or whatever) or cheating on my goal for good health for as long as possible. The diet choices are expanding and some are quite tasty, but the real driver for me is the spectre of a shortened life with a significant drop in the qualify of that life. When I view it this way, changing my diet is a no brainer