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new to this: from on 2004-05-05

My name is Maria and I am wheat and gluten intolerant. with IBS. What do I eat? How do I help myself? How should I live with this condition? My GP said he didn't want to give me tablets .................. so what now? Please help

Re: new to this: from on 2004-05-06

I have no idea what the response by "tickets" means, but I would suggest to you that you contact a dietician at your local health center. He can help you find information on what you should or should not eat. Also, go to the many celiac disease web sites. There are books out there that list acceptable products. Hope this helps. (I am new to this also--don't have an appendix scar--have been diagnosed with celiac disease--and am still having a terrible time remaining gluten free, so I can certain sympathize and empathize with you.)

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I was diagnosed as with Celiac Disease on Thursday and am now beginning to understand the effect it will have on my eating habits.

I am waiting to see a dietician and have requested the gluten free book from the Coelic uk society but would like to know if rice is ok to eat .

i can't find anything on the websites to say if rice is gluten free but presume it is ok.
i have had a look in both Sainsburys and Morrisons and they have quite a good range of gluten free stuff but it is very expensive.

hope someone out there can advise me on the matter of the rice

Re: new to this: from Peter on 2004-09-17

Rice is indeed gluten-free
You will find other threads on this conference, and the text of the book also on this web site provide full lists of what you can eat, and how to achieve a healthy diet.


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i also have been told by my doctor that i am gluten intolerant due to IBS...i tried to generally avoid gluten foods for a while but kept giving in (fave foods!) but keep making myself ill so now im trying my hardest to behave.

It has made an impact on my life - my boyfriend is also having to keep remembering that i cant eat certain foods he cooks for me. particularly sushi :( which i adore. apparently not all rice is gluten free - the japanese use glutenous rice apparently.

(hi guys *waves* im new here!)

i have started making my own bread (Packets bought from sainsburys and put in bread maker) and made my own cookies the other week. tonight im going to try my hand at a flourless cake!! this new condition seems to be inspiring me to make more of an effort with my food. luckily for us supermarkets like marks and spencer and manufacturers have started recognising this condition and labelling products appropriately.

kim x

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I just heard that McDonald's french fries are gluten free, that would be good news for my 11 year old daughter if it is true

Re: new to this: from on 2004-11-10

I Have been informed by a Manager of MacDonalds that they use their friers to cook other products this is also the case for Burger King ect. So the oil they are cooked in could be contaminated with gluten I would recomend that you ask if it is only used for Fries before ordering

Re: new to this: from on 2004-11-10

You Have stated that M&S have started putting on their labels GF, I have been ill after eating products even though they state GF it depends on intolerence level, also found Asda, Grimsby, is now putting GF Flour amoungst normal flour which can lead to cross contamination due to the dust, I have mentioned to staff but think they think its a fad diet

Re: new to this: from on 2004-11-11

I have definately had a bad reaction to MacDonald's fries! Big fat greasy chips from my local chippie cooked in palm oil were fine

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Rice is fine- brown rice is good for you-high in fibre and believe me, you feel that loss as well!!! I've had to sart eating dried dates- actually very nice. Try peeling your potatoes a bit thicker and frying the skins as chips/snacks. they're high fibre as well. It's the hidden ingredients that are getting me. Some brands of the same product are okay, some aren't.
I've been living with the possibility of a gluten free diet for about 6 weeks so have been doing a bit of research. Started 10 days ago and felt instantly amazingly better. Now i have to start on the gluten again ready for tests next week..If its a permanent arrangement, then my chef husband is going to buy different flours and if he comes up with some delicious goodies, i'll post them