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Nutritional-Yeast Okay: from on 2004-09-21

Can we eat nutritional yeast? My girlfriend and I both have celiac and are wondering

Re: Nutritional-Yeast Okay: from Peter on 2004-09-22

Yeast by itself should be OK, but it depends what medium it is grown on e.g. Barley which is not OK.


Re: Nutritional-Yeast Okay: from on 2005-02-13

What is the answer to the question, "Is nutritional yeast gluten free?" My daughter has Celiacs and likes nutritional yeast on her popcorn...Thank you.


Re: Nutritional-Yeast Okay: from Peter on 2005-02-24

You need to find out how the yeast is produced.
If it is grown on malted barley it will contain gluten and is not oK.

If it is grown on sugar beet it will be gluten-free.


Re Nutritional-Yeast Okay: from on 2006-04-11

Has anyone found out what brands are OK then?

Re Nutritional-Yeast Okay: from Hovawart on 2010-04-08

Red Star yeast doesn't make nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is different from baker's yeast

Re Nutritional-Yeast Okay: from Peter on 2011-07-27

Brewers Yeast is not gluten-free. It contains gluten from the way it is grown.

Yeast grown on cane sure, or beet sugar or fruit sugars will be gluten-free.

If the package does not say gluten-free you must assume it contains gluten