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Overweight coeliac: from on 2003-03-17


I am a lifelong coeliac who due to a mix up was off the coeliac diet for some 5 years. I became overweight during this time. Since resuming the Coeliac Diet (extremely strict as the slightest deviation results in immediate illness) I have found it almost impossible to lose the weight gained. It is almost like my body is clinging on to the fat for dear life. I have tried many options/ diets and try to eat a sensible healthy diet, but with very limited sucess. Medical help has been a no go. Is this an experience anyone else has had and if so any tips

Re: Overweight coeliac: from Lyn on 2003-03-20

I put weight on when I went GF as I started to absorb more. I was so pleased as I had been a bit underweight but when I started to make and buy GF cakes, biscuits etc I became overweight.
Now I'm cutting out sugar, jam, alcohol, cakes & biscuits, eating more fruit and also exercising eveyday so am slowly losing the few lbs I need to be my correct weight.
Here's some information about correct weight and healthy dieting which may interest you:

Re: Overweight coeliac: from on 2004-11-14

before they diagnosed me as a coeliac and i was getting really ill, I lost a lot of weight when I in desperation cut all "flour " products out my diet and only ate tiny amounts of potato or rice to see if that helped..funnily enough it did and was what helped my GP turn in the direction of Coeliac Disease... I lost 3 stone and was the "right " weight... so I guess I did a modified Atkins diet before it was fashionable... not suggesting to do that diet, just telling a tale

Re: Overweight coeliac: from christine on 2007-04-10

I was diagnosed last December 06, and have piled on two plus stone since then, don't understand as my diet is now more fresh fruit and veg, with no processed meats of any kind. Initially I was always hungrey and the hospital dietician said this is good to put on the wieght and the hunger would eventually ease.

This is true and I am no longer eating 24/7, but the wieght is still going on. Please help!!!!

Re: Overweight coeliac: from Peter on 2007-04-10

maintaining a steady weight is always a balance between the food that you consume and the exercise that you take.

Your digestive system is able to heal and work more efficiently on a gluten-free diet, so that now you need to eat less for the same amount of exercise. This is difficult at first because your stomach is sending you the wrong signals, but you have to override your feelings of hunger and train yourself to eat less.

Do ensure that you have a balanced diet, but reduce the amount of protein and carbohydrate - and fat - gradually week by week until your weight stabilises. It is not something where you can find the right amount overnight.
It can help to eat foods that need more chewing such as brown rice, potato + skins, fresh apples, raw carrot. The action of chewing encourages your brain to think you have had more to eat.
Cut out all snacks between meals.
Increase the amount of exercise you get each day.

Re: Overweight coeliac: from Lynda on 2007-06-21

I was diagnosed in Oct/89 after being severly ill for 7 years. I had lost control or bowels and blatter and became weeks away from death. In the past 5 years my weight is out of control. I have put on 65 lbs and cannot and I mean cannot get it off. I barely eat 1000 calories in a day and exercise as much as I can. I have had my thyroid checked but it is normal. My doctor says my metabolism is not working properly and suggests that my body is storing everything that I eat. I still am ill. It have had rickets, liver disease, anemia, IBD, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and recently after having a nervous breakdown been diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder. I am in a constant state of "fog" and have great difficulty in making it through a day. I work full time as a General Manager for a publishing company. I keep to a strict regiment of gluten-free foods mostly plain meat, potatoes, rice, vegetables, GF cereal. I don't smoke and I dont drink. I would really like to feel better - can anyone make some suggestions?

Overweight coeliac: from Natasha on 2008-02-19

Hello, I too have the exact same problem, as well as my younger sister. We are both celiacs, both recently diagnosed. We have been struggling with our weight all our lives, and though we are both extremely physically active (cycling, walking (we don't own cars) jogging, swimming, you name it and we both eat extremely healthfully (no junk food!) we both are very "sturdy".

It is the same feeling, like our bodies are clinging on to the fat for dear life and if we eat anything remotely fattening, we put on 2-5 lbs in a week. I don't have any solutions for you except to share with you what we have been doing. My sister and I have both lost 15-20 lbs since going gluten-free, but this last 15 lbs (which would bring us to our doctor-ordered ideal weights of 145 lbs due to bone and muscle mass), well, it's tough.

I walk to work daily (5km). I jog/run 3 times per week, and as I am training for a marathon, those kilometres range from 7km to 15+kilometres. We both supplement with vitamin B12 as a deficiency in that vitamin is common with celiacs, and that deficiency causes fatigue, cravings for sugar/carbs, insatiable appetite, etc. I eat 4-5 apples per day as they give me sustainable, inexpensive energy and the pectin in the apples heals my stomach.

I do not eat any gluten-free baked goods as they are never very healthy or whole grain, kind of junk food that right now my body doesn't need. I eat alot of meat, rice and potatoes. I eat flax seed in kefir (kind of like yogurt). I do not worry about fat at all, as fat puts flavour and sustenance in food, as long as you are making healthy choices.

I also make sure that I take calcium/magnesium supplements as celiacs are low on this and it helps you sleep. If you are tired, your body will hold on to fat.

Basically, it is a slow, labourious journey to train yourself to re-think North America's food culture. We celiacs have to think along the lines of eating more like the East Indians, the Eastern Europeans, the farmers who first broke the land here. Simple, straightforward, whole foods, and exercise. Get rid of the car or your dependance on it, and you will see results. But it is hard work

Overweight coeliac: from Cammy on 2008-12-23

Well not that I'm happy others are overweight after being diagnosed with celiac

but at least I know I'm not alone! I know it was ridiculous to be a size 0 but my whole life I've only been 110 pounds. The size 0 came before being diagnosed with celiac and I was losing anything and everything I ate. Now I eat salads, salads and more salads and I'll admit I crave a sweet before I got to bed but I can't be taking in very many calories and I've gone from 0 to a size 10. For me that's huge, I'm short and it's all around my middle. I've had everything tested, my thyroid level is fine, although I already had thyroid problems and I'm on synthroid, then my dr. decided I might be a diabetic and that's why I couldn't lose weight...I don't understand that but the diabetes test came back that I was not diabetic. I will admit it just so happens I have exercised all my life so maybe that is why I always remained at a good weight and I do very little for exercise now....but the

reason for that is I'm too tired! I feel exhausted all the time. Can anyone recommend what I might be "missing" possibly a vitamin or whatever, my energy level is just low. I want to know if it's possible that it's not what I AM eating but what I MAY NOT be eating thats causing problems.

Any suggestions, I would appreciate it!

I guess I should mention that I have been under a great amount of stress over the past two years.

Overweight coeliac: from Rosemary on 2009-02-17

I have very similar symptoms as "Overweight Coeliac". 3 months after going gluten-free, I started gaining weight rapidly. Doctors were of no help. "According to your bloodwork, you should be fine". Don't you just hate that? Obviously, I am not fine. I gained 40 pounds in six months.

The only thing I have read so far that seems like it might help is a book called "Mastering Leptin". I got it from my public library. It talks about the hormone leptin and its role regarding metabolism. It outlines a way to get your metabolism started again. It's not easy.

Your body thought it was starving (well, it WAS starving) for so long. It is still in starvation mode. Your body IS clinging to every calorie. It's not just your imagination.

Good luck, and I hope that you feel better soon. Look into the leptin book and also Mary Shomon's books about thyroid. If you are hypothyroid, you probably need to get further testing.

Sorry--not too much help. But a TON of commiserating. (No pun intended

Re: Overweight coeliac: from jo on 2009-06-20

i read your story with great sympathy, i too am coeliac gaining weight, i have battled diabetes for years, and had a two year bout of depression , i am on the mend now but it takes alot of hard work. take time out for yourself if you can find something that makes you laugh do that !!! you sound a busy person and your body is probably more strssed than you think this does not help any of your conditions try taking celery seed, alfalfa sprouts and red clover and cut out onions it worked for me good luck x x