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Overweight coeliac: from Lee B on 2011-01-11

I have just discovered from my doc that I have a Vit D deficiency common in couliacs and this causes fatigue. Perhaps get a check at the Dr with a bloodtest

Re: Overweight coeliac: from RUTH WOOD on 2011-01-14

I gained weight some years ago through eating the wrong things and changing my job to be more sedentary. Since being diagnosed 5 years ago, I can now eat the things I've never been able to before - mainly dairy products!! I started to conquer my weight gain, then got struck down with an unusual form of MS, so now exercise is difficult as my mobility has been affected. So back to square one, with the weight piling on again. I've been tempted to try different diets - lost loads of weight on Cambridge - but when I came off, back came the weight! Have run out of ideas as am eating less, eating healthily and trying to keep my blood sugar level up as I suffer from low sugar levels (and low blood pressure). Any ideas would be welcome - I've run out

Re: Overweight coeliac: from Janet Darbey on 2011-11-03

Have you had your thyroid tested? You could have problems with it and its worth looking into. The problem with the Cambridge and similar diets is that its low calorie and so far removed from normal food that you will put the weight back on when you come off the diet. A healthy eating plan would be much better with a reasonable number of calories. The Atkins diet might be worth looking at or even better the Paleo diet as it is based on food like meat, fish, veg and fruit that are naturally gluten free. The fats in it are beneficial to thyroid function if they are healthy fats

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