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oyster sauce: from Bobu on 2005-04-18

My [new] boyfriend has coeliac disease - I cook mostly far eastern food, especially thai. I have wheat free soy sauce but am finding great difficulty in finding gluten free oyster sauce (a vital ingredient for thai cooking). Does anyone know if this actually exists? Or if the little soy in oyster sauce would be harmful?

Many thanks in advance


oyster sauce: from Soezepoes on 2005-05-13


My husband also has coeliac disease.
I often cook Thai and I am using oyster sauce of Sang Chow Wong Foodstuff PTE Ltd. (Singapore) It is called Abalone Fresh Oyster Sauce and it is glutenfree. It contains cornstarch.
I am buying it in an Asian shop but I don't know if it is available in England. I live in the Netherlands.



oyster sauce: from Suzanne on 2008-07-17

Have just found Blue Elephant Oyster Sauce. Only thing stated on the allergens label is 'shellfish'. Contains tapioca starch. Result

oyster sauce: from Kian on 2009-02-01

My partner has coeliac disease and oyster sauce has always been a bit of a no no.

Found Blue Elephant Oyster Sauce in Waitrose, which contains shellfish. It tastes just like your normal oyster sauce and I am delighted

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