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PASTA - Good/Bad...Looking for one: from on 2002-01-29

Hi. Did my subject line get your attention? I hope so.

I've tried some various Gluten Free pastas and have found the Corn pastas to be the closest to 'wheat' pastas.

My dilema. Has anyone found a GOOD Gluten Free Lasagna Noodle? I am craving to make Lasagna and it just won't be the same using gf spaghetti or mostaccoli. I think then it will just be a pasta bake.

I also found good pasta company - Bi-Alut. They make a really good pasta that takes just like the wheat pasta. I found spirals, and small tubes.

Also, if anyone has a good fairly easy recipe for gf pasta where we can make our own lasagna noodles or manicotti noodles, please post or email me. I'd love to try it.

Carol Stream, IL
(Chicago Suburbs

Re: PASTA - Good/Bad...Looking for one: from on 2002-01-30

HTML>Look at the pancake recipes.

Make thin pancakes and cut into the size you want for lasagna.

This works well.


Re: PASTA - Good/Bad...Looking for one: from on 2002-02-01

Try Schar Gluten free pastas - there is a very good range of different types and they are really good.

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