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perscriptions: from on 2004-01-06

please can anyone tell me if you can get free persciption from the doctors if you suffer from gluton intolerance
thank you

Re: perscriptions: from Peter on 2004-01-08

In the UK, provided that your gluten-intolerance falls within the much narrower category defined as 'coeliac' you can get certain foods on prescription.
You should join the coeliac UK society and they will provide you with details.

If you are paying prescription charges you will still find that this food is costing you.

There are much cheaper and healthy gluten-free foods available off-the-shelf in the main supermarkets. I worked out that a prescription would cost me more for my basic foods.


Perscriptions: from Ronna on 2006-01-17

I am looking for a list of glutin-free perscriptions. Please help!

Perscriptions: from Ronna Christensen on 2006-01-17

Sorry, didn't include my email address. Please forward a list of glutin-free perscriptions. THANKS!

Perscriptions: from Gloria Berlin on 2009-03-04

I would also like a list of gluten - free foods that I can get on prescription.

Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks


Perscriptions: from sue rigby on 2009-03-05

Our products and relevant PIP codes:


Pure Xanthan 100g 282 - 8572

Pure Blended Flour 1kg 282 - 8580

Pure White Rice Flour 500g 325 - 7904

Pure Brown Rice Flour 500g 325 - 7912

Pure Potato Starch 500g 325 - 7920

Pure Tapioca Starch 500g 325 - 7946

Pure White Teff flour 1kg 343 - 1483

Pure White Teff flour 3 x 1kg 343 - 1491

Pure Brown Teff flour 1kg 343 - 1467

Pure Brown Teff flour 3 x 1kg 343 - 1475

Tel: Innovative Solutions UK Ltd

Pharmacist telephones 01706 746713

Perscriptions: from Sylvia Woolcott on 2009-03-05

Contact The Coeliac Society on line. They can provice you with a book which gives yoy all of the information on Gluten Free Products and also a list of prescrptions products

Hope this will help