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possible Coeliac: from hannah on 2009-12-08

hi, i was wondering if i could get some adivice...

about 3 months ago i was admitted to hospital with severe abdominal pain, no1 knew what it was. since then. every time i eat i get horrific tummy pain, and bloating. really bad bloating. i feel anxious and i dont want to do anything. i also feel tired all the time and generaly grumpy. my doc has referered me to a gastroenterlogist and im waiting 1 MONTH for the appointment...in the mean time, i have started cutting out all wheat and gluten...and i feel FANTASTIC. no more bloating and awful pain.

i still have a dull constant pain but the pain and discomfort i get after eating has gone completly! im so happy!

however, i think this may meen i have coecilac disease. il explain all this to the doc when i get the appoinment. does it sound like i have coecilac or could it be something else