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what foods have potasium: from on 2002-04-27

My Dad was told he had too much potasium. He was eating a lot of bananas. We know that bananas have potasium, but I was wondering what other type of food might also cause this problem

Re: what foods have potasium: from on 2003-09-28

I had a positive test for celiac. I have been to docs for 20 years about my symptoms and have been treated for everything! I have also had every test. I finally got a new young out of college female doc, who says I think you have celiac.....I don't even know what this is. Now I am on the gluten free diet.....it no longer hurts to eat. AND IT HURT TO EAT EVERYTHING. I can even drink soda, a major painful event. I also had horrible gerd! It is gone. Even this summer a gastro gave me a clean bill of health! Except the catch all irrritable bowel thing, But I was still alternating constipation and diarh, I don't think I was really constipated as most of us think. Just empty, anyway I am telling you that because the docs can't think Celiac when they hear the word constipation. They auto assume irritable bowel (which really should not be diagnosed until after all Celiac tests are done. One thing I have learned from all this is you really have to do most the research yourself and that docs know virtually nothing about Celiac or I would have been cured long ago because I repeatedly went for help. I never gave up trying. Good luck to you, don't give up. I heard the Mayo Clinic has a special diagnostic program for hard to diagnos intestinal track symtoms. They are listed on the internet

Re: what foods have potasium: from on 2003-09-30

what foods that we eat every day contain potasium

Re: what foods have potasium: from on 2004-04-29

Could you please send me list of foods containing potasium

Re: what foods have potasium: from on 2004-05-08

has low patas levels but need to get higher and stay at a level can you help thanks

Re: what foods have potasium: from on 2004-08-09

my friend needs to go on a low potasium diet due to kidney problems.please could you give me as much information as possible.thank you

Re: what foods have potasium: from on 2004-08-18

Please can you give me a list of which foods have potasium in as my father has a high potasium level. Many Thanks

Re: what foods have potasium: from on 2004-08-24

the doctor ordered blood colestrol test and my colestrol was 215 so he prescribed lipitor 10mllg.per day,also my potassium was too high and i know bannas are high potasium but i dont know what other foods have high high potasium.please email with further info.thank you

Potasium: from on 2005-01-26

I suffer very badly with cramp and have been told in the past that this can be due to lack of potasium. I take quinine tablets for the cramps but wanted to know which foods besides bananas are high in potasium

RePotasiuml: from Kate on 2005-06-15

My Aunt's blood samples show that she has too much potasium in her blood and has been advised by her Dr not to eat bananas - can you please inform her of other foods she should avoid - Thankyou