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High Potassium and Strokes: from vikki brazier on 2006-11-18

hiya im not sure if im doing this right but wondering if you could give me some advice, i've got auto-immune disease i've had abnormal bloods for 8 years now, i had a routain blood down last week got a call from the doctor this morn and i've got to go in tomorrow to disscuse my reasults but im sure she said that i've got a high of which is 5.8 of potassium levels. please could you help me to uuderstand what this is and what it could be and if it has anything to do with my auto-immune disease
many thanks

High Potassium: from annabelle stewart on 2007-01-23

hi just been to dr for blood tests and got call from gp to say mt pttasium levels are high can anyone tell me what this means

High Potassium and Strokes: from Peter on 2007-01-23

The normal range is often given as 3.7 to 5.2 mEq/L., Though over 5 may be regarded as high. Over 6.5 needs immediate treatment. High levels may indicate problems with kidney or liver function, or of certain hormone levels, or tissue injury following an accident. It is not indicative of one specific condition.