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questions: from on 2003-11-05

Wow, im thrilled to finally be going online with my questions! Thanks so much for posting this site.
here we go--
-what is the difference between gl. intolerence, and celiac disease?
-is it possible to overdose on spelt bread and pasta too? im getting the same horrible cramps that i got from eating straight up flour, and im really being careful, so im wondering if spelt is too much for me to handle now?
-is there any kind of cola out there that we can drink?
-is olive oil ok?
-what vinegars are ok?
Wow, i have lots of questions, ive been storing these up for a while! Thanks for your insight!


questions: from lisa on 2008-06-01

You can not have spelt anything,spelt is a simple wheat and still has gluten. If you are g-intol aka celiac, you can never have it again, ever.

Look for brown rice, corn or quiona pasta instead. You tum is still hurting because you are glutening yourself.

Celiac is gluten intolerance.

Rissotto rice is fine.

Olive oil is fine, avoid the flavored kinds.

Cinder vinegar is fine