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Re: "vinegar": from on 2004-11-03

I have never seen anything against vinegar....but I am not an expert....one thing a holistic doctor told me one time is that the common headache pills such as aspirin is not gluten free

Re: "vinegar": from on 2004-11-30

hhm strange, i heard that vinegar DID contain gluten....ill have to eat it and see

Re: "vinegar": from on 2004-12-08

I have been told that non-brewed condiment is okay but not malt vinegar- the malt bit gives it away. Usually malt vinegar is dearer but I haven't seen much of the cheap stuff around so doing without for now.
I am just in the experimental stages. 10 days in. Then I have to go back on full gluten for a week before tests-shame cos I feel so much better.If I have to do it permanently, my husband's a chef and we are buying all sorts of different flours so he can play nice in the kitchen. will keep you posted of any delicious goodies

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