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rash on chin: from on 2004-11-16

i havae developed a skin rash on my chin, below the mouth area. it is red, sometimes itchy and spreading. Vasaline seams to feed it? can anyone help/ eileen

Re: rash on chin: from on 2005-01-04

I have a lession like rash on chin that is under the skin and only has clean fluid in them. There seems to be about 20 or so little bumbs just directly under my lower lip. Have seen several facial experts and first switched toothpaste to a natural one. Have docycycline and mino has not changed. Been going on for a year. 35 year old female, no birth control..


Re: rash on chin: from on 2005-01-28

Hi Lori,
I just wanted to tell you that I have what sounds to be a very similar rash or some sort of acne on my chin as well, mostly on the left side below my lip. I get all these little reddish bumps with nothing but clear fluid in them. Sometimes washing a lot with Clearasil face wash for sensitive skin helps, but I notice when the rash starts to clear, it gets very dry. My doctor didn't know what the hell it was either. Random question--do you know if you ever had impetigo (I probably spelled that wrong)??

Re: rash on chin: from on 2005-02-09

I also have the same annoying rash. My comes and goes. I thought it was a form of eczema as i am allergic to nickel and used some betnovate cream to clear it up. However as soon as i stop using the cream it comes back. Most annoying. I had impetigo as a child does that help.

I am not sure why this is related to a gluten free diet but coincidently as a child i was also a coeliac

Re rash on chin: from jen on 2005-06-28

I have the same thing on my chin had it for weeks now and it won't go away did u evern figure out what it was? please let me know I thought it was a heat rash but it isn't going away?

Re rash on chin: from Bonnie on 2005-06-30

I have the same chin rash. It comes and goes on either the right or left side. I had impetigo as a child, and now I notice sometimes that there is a pulsing head ache that goes on for about a wek or two when I get the rash. Doctors don't have a clue. Is this only in women?

Re rash on chin: from sonny on 2006-05-19

I had the same problem and started using Eurax cream you can buy it over the counter at your chemist but only use a thin layer once or twice aday or your skin can peel.I noticed a big difference in about 10 days then I only had to use it every couple of days and now I have'nt had to use it for 2 months now.My blisters have gone and my self confidence is back.

Re rash on chin: from Ceri on 2006-09-18


I have had the same thing a few times now and it almost looks like nappy rash! It's linked to a candida (yeast) skin infection and can be treated with a hydrocortisone cream from the doctors or chemist. I find that I have a bad scalp too which is linked called seborreboic dermatitis which responds to t-gel shampoo. The doctor told me that I am sensitive to too much yeast on my skin (which we all have) It is advised that a yeast free diet is followed which will prevent the flare up once the cream is being used. I find mine fares up when I eat a diet containing too much sugar! I hope that helps!

Re rash on chin: from sally on 2006-11-29

I get blister type spots on my chin, has anybody got any ideas what they are and what may be causing them? Somebody told me that it may be cold sores? Could that be right? They appear really quickly, like over the period of half a day.

Re: rash on chin: from rach on 2006-12-11

not on my chin ....but all over my hands. Clear llittle bubbles under my skin. That clear liquid comes out of. Very very itchy and as a result i have the worst dry cracked skin ever. 3 of my sisters have celiac disease.any idea for a cure??

(to the above writer just a tip celiac disease as a child will return as an adult)