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Re: rash on chin: from sara on 2006-12-18

i have a rash under my chin. it has just developed and it seems to be making my under chin area puff up.. the rash is in what looks like 4 distinguishable rows.. it doesn't itch yet, but there is definitely some sensation there without having to touch it.. i have a pictures if this could help anyone to help me. please contact me if you would like to see a picture or if you have any idea of what this may be. Thanks.


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Re: rash on chin: from Kez on 2007-01-17

I'm not sure if the rash you're all talking about is under the skin like a heat rash or above like eczema. But 2 of my sons, ages 7 and 12 get a rash which looks like heat rash on their chins occasionally. The chin goes purple in colour and when looked at closely you can see lots of tiny little pin prick red dots. My 7 year old has had Henoch Scholein Purpura, but my eldest son hasn't. The doctor doesn't know what it is, although I've taken a photo of it to show him next time I see him. It does seem to occur after the children have had more sugar than usual.

Re: rash on chin: from jess on 2007-02-02

i have exactly what 'kez' is talking about, i have no idea what it is but it spread to the sides of my cheeks, its really horrid close up. anyone know the name of it?

Re: rash on chin: from hand rash on 2007-02-03

I get the same thing as rach wrote about. It showed up the first time in my early 20's and now it attacks any time I am in humid weather. IE, hawaii/mexico type places. The itchy, clear liquid, bubbles start on my fingers and cover my hands and then my lips get them. After they "pop", the skin cracks and peels. It's very horrid. Only those two places though...I live in Alaska so travel to hot places as often as I can. If anyone knows how to stop this rash on the hands/lips please let me know.

Re: rash on chin: from ana on 2007-02-08

my rash is on my chin and around my mouth these bumps are not soft and dry easily the skin peels but the bump is still there it spreds very rapidly i dont kno how to get rid of it

Re: rash on chin: from nniikkyy on 2007-02-23

I too have a small red rash on my chin which seems to get redder after a bath or when I am hot. |t is itchy and looks like I can only explain as a cluster of tiny little zits. I have had it for 5 years now, it first it started at the side of my nose then it disappeared and then re-appeared on both sides on my mouth. Now I just have it on the right side and nothing I seem to do will get rid of it. My Son has now got it on the left side of his mouth too - so I can only assume it is diet related.

Re: rash on chin: from Jenny on 2007-03-18

When I was a child the doctor said that I had psoriasis on my scalp.Then as a teen I was told that arash on my arms was scabies, I never did agree with that diagnosis. When I was 21 I was seeming to develop eczema on my hands and sometimes arms.After my 4th pregnancy I woke up with swollen lips and chin burning and itchy and covered with tiny water filled blisters. Very painful and annoying. It would take at least 3 weeks to heal. I have had a few breakouts since and now know these are called fever blisters(cold sore herpes virus) very common.It can be brought on by stress ,getting too hot . DO not put anything that does not breath on it.The doctor gave me a three in one cream to fight infection,bring down swelling and heal .I found that weleda calendula baby cream works to keep them moist while healing too.They become extremely dry when they heal.If you get a breakout starting be sure to ice immediately, this will lessen the breakout a lot.Now I do not seem to be as bad on my lips. Lysine foods are very helpful but stay away from L arginine Eg... coffee, chocolate etc...I myself am struggling with extremely itchy hands and arms. I for over a year get sooo itchy all over my body that I can barely stand it.Especially my hands, neck head ,back,buttocks,legs thighs,ears even my pubic area will flair up red and itchy.These bouts come and go and vary in severity.My skin will welt up hive like wherever I scratch and I have to scratch. Also my skin seems very hot in these places.I am concerned that it could be a celiac rash. Just the other morning I had a blistery pimple on the back of my arm . can anyone offer advice or info,I hope my info is useful to someone.

Re: rash on chin: from Barbara Krul on 2007-04-10

Help! I am so tired of having these break-outs on my chin and nose. They will

start out like a pimple would feel-an eruption area-only clear fluid, then the tiny

little pin prick bumps emerge inside. It itches and weeps, then bleeds if you

mess with them, and then the dry skin when trying to heal, only to have another

area start up. I have had this for 12 years straight, spent probably a couple

thousand dollars in products, dermatologists, and a biopsy (inconclusive), tried

accutane, only to have my tryglisorides (spelled wrong) shoot up to 977 so

obviously stopped taking it (last dermatologist suggestion). I'm now 55 and so

this has been going on for a long time. Now I'm out trying to find a job and this

certainly doesn't help in the appearance department.

Re: rash on chin: from Fiona on 2007-04-21

I did not know that the rash on my chin is something other people have got. I thought it was only me until I read your letters. Nothing seems to get rid of the red dots which quite often are quite sore. I have also got some on my forehead. I just try to cover them up but that doesnt always work. What else can I do?

Re: rash on chin: from Carlin on 2007-05-14

Hi. My 6 year old gets a rash around the chin area quite often. He's had this problem for 4 years. Doctors couldn't figure out what was causing this rash. Recently I took him to see a Naturopath. An allergy test was done and it showed that he is allergic to wheat products, dairy and gluten products.