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Re: rash on chin: from Daniel on 2007-05-30


i get this rash thats starts with my lips getting painful then the sides of my mouth get dry then my lips dry out as well they seem to not retain any moister. After that it spreads to directly under my lip with small redish bumps these can spread to my eye nose or any where else on my body just by touch it seems to swell the area my eye was almost swollen shut. if not taken care of it turns into blisters and drys out and turns into a yellow scab.

please help

Re: rash on chin: from Sharon Clark on 2007-06-11

I had this rash on my face and now it has moved around my nose. Its sore and flares up with tiny tiny watery blister that sort of weep and then dry up and then go scabby, its really unpleasant, are we all talking about the same sort of rash. If anyone knows what it might be or if it has a name so I can look this up.

Re: rash on chin: from jen on 2007-07-05

Well, I'm joining the list...have a itchy rash on my chin. got it about a year ago and also as a child. The doctor gave me fluticasone cream which dried it out and went away after a week or so. It's got to be a fever blister (cold sore related). A few of you have written about it spreading to other places. Don't touch it and then touch something else cuz it will spread. This is herpies related. I spent the weekend in the sun and that's what caused it to re-surface this time. To the mom who thinks it's dietary cuz her son has it too...You probably kissed him and gave it to him....that sucks for your son. I see moms kiss their kids with cold sores all the time...that's so stupid....why are you going to put your child through the same pain you have suffered through over the years. Icing immediately for the first 24 hours of the first signs will help keep it small and chances are it will go away quicker. L-lysine does help (you can get it at the vitamin shop)...don't eat peanut butter...it has something that makes it worse (can't think of it right now). Well, good luck to everyone and stop touching it...just leave it alone and don't touch anybody with it cuz it is contagious.

Re: rash on chin: from Kim on 2007-07-18

I disagree with the above. I have had recurring chin rash problems for a number of years and I just had a physical a few months ago and tested negative for all STD's - including Herpes 1 & 2. It still could be Herpes but don't discount food allergies, eczema, and even kissing your significant other. Kissing usually spurns it on for me and then it can take weeks to go away!

Re: rash on chin: from TRacie on 2007-08-09

Hi I went to the dentist about 2 weeks ago today I had routine cleaning and a front tooth cavity fixed he said he put a medication in the cavity to heal it completly I asked him what it was I haven't gotten an answer but i made sure It wasn't pennicillian (spelled wrong) anyway since then I have had a rash quite simlar to all the rest of you and I don't know how to get rid of it and it seems like the more wet it becomes the worst it gets...it is red like pimples but clear fluid and then break, dry up and scab and start all over again sometimes worst then what i had to begin with..what the hell is this?????? it is just on the chin area and it is sometimes painfull????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Re: rash on chin: from michelle on 2007-09-22

hi ive just started work in a super market well about a month now and ive always had clear skin even as a teenager. ive recently developed a rash on my chin mainly affecting the areas either side of my bottem lip it feels kind of tingly like a irratating ticklling, ive had it looked at and being diagnosed as the first stages of impetigo,its very easily spread from one to another and has all the symptoms that you are all explaining it can be treated with an atibiotic cream. good luck all bon courage

Re: rash on chin: from Dawn on 2007-10-26

Hi, I'm 33 yrs. old and have been having the break outs for 3 yrs. It starts out as a begining zit,sore, then it erupts as small clear blister, then drys up and scabs up. And the Dermatologist I went to told me that it was Adult Acne. He told me it was stress related. I'm starting to believe thats a crock. He put me on Hydrocortisone cream 2.5\% and Econazole nitrate cream, it helps some, but what I want to know is what causes it???????? And how to stop it period. If any one might know please, Help

Re: rash on chin: from Jaja on 2007-11-01

I think it sounds as if some of you have "Perioral Dermatitis" or "Perioral Dermatit". Have any of you considered this? Try seaching the web for info and pictures, that's how I found out

Re: rash on chin: from dj on 2008-01-10

Last year they gave me Predinose(sp?) and it cleared it up. It has been 9 months and now I am starting with it again

Re: rash on chin: from sarah on 2008-02-02

Hi my husband actually found this site cuase he thought i had herpes or something . I also have had inpegtito on my chin in the same area as a child which is sctually catagorized as a stain of strep virus. which i also have & it "hibernates untill i am exposed to any one with the slightest cold . but about the rash i have found an at home remedy that really work well & it only takes about a week to get the red bumps /sesitivity to all including water.

i have even tried steroid cream after my doctor gave up on trying to diagnose it. I do not adsvise that yes it goes away almost instintly but it causes permanet damage to your skin.


my at home starts with washing my face with nothing but very hot water as hot as u can stand it and letting the rag sit lay on your face for about 2 mins. then apply ALOT of clinique acne solutions emergancy lotion which u can by at any appearall store like nordstom or gottchalks it is only about 17 dolars apply it liberly through out the day and wash your face through out thday also it will gat very dry & possibly tingle/sting tough through it it really works . to get rid of the dry patches on your face now use a product called peacfull pea belly rub for just 2-3 days and you will look brand new . I found that product when i was pregnant because i could not use steroid cream. It works for me & now i hope it works for you