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Re: rash on chin: from sarah on 2008-02-02

hi honey it will go away but it will come back so lets get u prepared . do u have a general doctor? If not go to my message and follow my instruction you will get results I promise just be patient it takes about 7-10 days

Re: rash on chin: from sarah on 2008-02-02

be careful you cant keep using steroids it can CAUSE YOU SOME SERIOUS PROBLEMS

sorry my caps was on Sarah

Re rash on chin: from Christine on 2008-05-08

OMG I have had the same exact thing! I have the itchy,dry water blister on my chin. This is like the 5th time I got it. It seems to come around more when I am very stresses out

Re: rash on chin: from margie on 2008-07-31

it might be dermititis from celiec disease it causes a itchy rash like blisters

Re: rash on chin: from on 2008-10-19

Does no one actually know what it is? I've been having the same thing - red sore first appeared two months ago with lots of little fluid filled bumps in it which felt dry and scabby but always wept when the scabs came off. Goes through a cycle of drying up, flaking to give smooth-ish (but still red) skin then starts all over again, except now its even itchier than before. Started on my cheek but after two months is rapidly spreading to the other cheeks and now to my forehead. I've now cottoned on to the fact that i shouldnt touch them to prevent spreading but now my face looks crusty and gross (the sores are all slightly raised)


Re: rash on chin: from Christina on 2008-10-19

Ive just had a look around and could it not be tinea faciei?I've seen some pictures with similar descriptions and images of the milder forms and it looks like what i have so im feeling quite hopeful

Re: rash on chin: from Kristin on 2008-12-06

This is Perioral Dermatitis and can be treated by an oral antibiotic, like tetracycline. A 2 month treatment is usually enough to make it go away, but it may reoccur, as it has with me. It's been so long, I forgot the name of it and had to search for awhile on the internet to find the answer

Re rash on chin: from Miss S on 2009-02-26

Hi guys,

I had exactly the same problem two summers ago (I was a student working through break in a confectioners factory), and after weeks of trying to cure this patch of inflamed tiny spots on the surface, almost in a cluster with hydrocortisone, spot treatments, moisturisers etc, i found the answer.

I was alergy tested (by a professional kinesiologist) who found that i had become intolerant to the sugar that surrounded me every day during the three months at my summer job. I had began to consume a little more sugar than usual (being a keen health enthusiast!) whilst working there, and this had triggered the reaction on my chin.

I was ordered to stop eating all refined sugars and stop working at the factory, and low and behold, the spots vanished!

I now know that, at this point in my life, my body just cannot cope with sugar. My skin is radiant, and I have a good feeling, that if you manage to do the same, you will see a remarkable difference.

Good luck,

Miss S

x x x

Re: rash on chin: from Beatrice on 2009-09-08

I had those little clear bumps under the skin, right between my fingers, and often in the winter months..very painful too. It took me years to figure it out.. it's allergy to the wax on the orange skin, or orange itself... If you eat oranges, have someone peal them or cut them with a knife and wash your hands asap. You'' never see those bumps again, I know it worked for me, and all these prescritpion cream and doctors.. they had no clue!

Hope this helps!

Re: rash on chin: from shelli on 2009-10-19

Hi! My daughter, age 10 gets exactly the same thing! Her chin looks purple, almost looks like a 5 o'clock shadown. Close up looks like tiny pin prick red dots! Doesn't bother her, but takes about 7-10 days to fully go away. She ate a grilled cheese and some goldfish crackers today. Any idea what this is? Dr. doesn't know. Also, what is Henoch Scholein Purpura