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Re rash on tops of feet: from angela on 2006-09-20

Very recent blood tests reveaI I have celiac disease . I have had a rash on the tops of my feet small red dots. Some appear to be tiny little scab dots, like the pin point of a magic marker. I've had this rash for about 10 years, and assumed that they were broken blood vessels from always working on my feet.
The dermititus herpetitius photos I've seen on line do not look like what I have.
In the past, several doctors including dermatologists all said it was nothing.......if it was nothing why is there something there?
I'll be following up with a specialist at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Re rash on tops of feet: from mandy on 2009-02-22

hi, ive just been diagnosed too and it was this little red rash on my face that started the ball rolling.

ive never had problems with my facial skin before i was such a lucky teenager...... but it comes and goes if i eat wheat

i can still see it under my skin and it rises if i eat wheat but my docs just think its my bodies reaction to the wheat.

i also get it on my hands and feet.

if you are going wheat free im sure like me it will clear up. just give it some time.

im 6 months down the road now and its hardly noticeable... but the split second (within 5/8 minutes) of injesting wheat its there and itches like mad.

just give it some time!!!

If not persit with your doctor.

However, i must say that since ive gone wheat free even though my symptoms have gone, my sensitivity to stuff i touch has gone through the roof. i used that hand gel in the hospital last week when visiting my dad and the nurse was horrified when my hands swoll up infront of her. thankfully she let me bathe my hands in cold water and i took an antihysti pill and it goes as quikly as it comes.

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