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Recently Diagnosed with CD: from on 2002-01-07

I've just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.
How should I alter my diet?
Where to get the gluten free foods I need?
Does this condition affect mental and physical wellness.
Once I start the diet, how long will it be before I notice a change in how I feel.
I have the following symptoms:
-Appetite and weight loss
-Taking medication for Generalized Anxiety Disorder
-Irritability (drastic mood swings)
-Alternating Constipation and diarrhea
-Physical aches and pains

If there is any advice, book references or somebody I could be referred to I would really appreciate it

Re: Recently Diagnosed with CD: from on 2002-01-09

HTML>All the symptoms you describe may be directly related to eating gluten from wheat.

Some should disappear quickly as the gluten is removed from your system. Other symptoms will take longer as damage to your system heals and symtoms of malnutrition disappear slowly as the healed digestive system starts to absorb food properly again.

I buy all the food I need in my nearest supermarket - TESCO
I don't buy any specialist foods.

You will find details about foods and recipes on this web site, or you can buy the new edition of gluten-free cookery.


Re: Recently Diagnosed with CD: from on 2002-04-19

You can get foods such as pasta, bread mixes, bread, biscuits, crackers, etc.....
on prescription from your GP if you want any more info email me. I have had Ceoliac Disease for 35 years

Re: Recently Diagnosed with CD: from on 2002-05-08

Thanks for all the great advice and I very much appreciate the help. I long suspected my problem was gluten allergy but it has taken around 5 years for the medical fraternity to diagnose it for me.

My doctor told me that I would be able to get all my gluten free products on prescription but quite frankly so far I am not impressed. I adore bread and bread products and nothing I have tried so far matches the taste and texture that I need. Can anyone offer more promising information? Many thanks Angela

Re: Recently Diagnosed with CD: from on 2003-12-11

I have been diagnosed just over a year. However I do not feel the benefits other ceoliacs say they have after being on the diet. I still feel tired and have a metalic taste in my mouth.

I used to love eating bread. But even though I have a bread making machine and make my own bread it just does not taste the same

Re: Recently Diagnosed with CD: from on 2004-02-21

its actuallt been 3 yrs for me i feel as im fat i creep downstairs at night and eat wheat products which i am not allowed to eat. i feel like as if no one understands my problem or the situaion i am in. i want to lose weight become thin but i am nearly an animic i dont know wot to do i need advice of wot i should do.

thankyou yours sincerly

sofia malik

Re: Recently Diagnosed with CD: from michelle on 2004-04-10

does anybody know wether almond liqueur (almeretto) is aloud on a gluten free diet

Re: Recently Diagnosed with CD: from Peter on 2004-04-11

Almeretto should not contain any gluten.


Re: Recently Diagnosed with CD: from Mary on 2007-10-24

Looking for REAL bread --Look on the internet for Walk on Water Bread they have a website! They mail it overnight after just baking
Good Luck

Recently Diagnosed with CD: from shirley on 2008-04-17

It's been nearly 2yrs since being diagnosed with CD, I struggled with the whole lot EG: depression,moodswings,weightloss, you name it I've delt with it, along with my family.

I am more than happy to exchange my knowledge of foods that WE CAN have and of what WE CANNOT have..You are not alone...My doctor said to me after a long illness of more than 20 yrs,"You have Coeliac's Desease" "see a dietitian"..

Well that was OK I thought, but it was over 6 months before I could get to see one..so my research began..I had never heard of Ceoliac before, so I went to the chemist, who didn't even know how to spell it..SillyYaks..Although they did say they would look into it for me and to come back next week...I didn't have a computer then, so I relied on what I could find at the library...And that was the start of this wonderful (NOT)disease, that I have....I hate it..

Oh get this..My dietitian told me that I had to lessen my sugar intake..Yeh right..Take note..Nearly everything we can eat is loaded with sugar..Oh she said that I can eat "Rice Bubbles"..NO WE CANNOT..It was me who ended up suplying the dietitian with empty food box's and jar's etc. So she would have product's to show other Ceoliac's that there IS food we can eat

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