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Re: Recently Diagnosed with CD: from Shirley on 2008-04-17

Almond's are allowed, and Liqueur may contain Caramel colour.

My book say's .." quote"

Alcoholic Beverages - The Ceoliac Society of Australia Inc is Advised that distillation is a recognised method of purification. Clear distilled liquids(eg white vinigar, ethyl alcohol and spirits) are regarded as gluten free in the following list.

Alcoholic Beverages are in general not labelled with an ingredient statement. Whisky, rum, brandy, fortified wined (such as sherry and port) and some liqueurs can contain caramel colour which can be derived from glucose syrup and Contains no detectable gluten..

Hope this helps

Re: Recently Diagnosed with CD: from joan on 2008-12-19

i suffered really bad anxiety after loss of my sister then they found my ferritin was 7 i never felt so ill put me through tests endoscopy barium enema final result was i got cealica does this make you feel more anxios depressed

Re: Recently Diagnosed with CD: from Peter on 2008-12-19

For many people with a gluten allergy, the eating of gluten can cause depression

Recently Diagnosed with CD: from ANITA MOTTRAM on 2009-03-12

Hi i was diagnosed with coeliac disease and dh five years ago at the age of 33 . I must say the benefits of sticking to a gluten free diet are huge.Looking back ive probably had this condition most of my life and nobody ever picked up on it.Funny you should mention anxiety and mood swings they caused me enormous problems throughout my life ,always being anxious and eventually resulting in panic attacks, so yes i would say this condition can affect your mental state .Although i must say a year on the g free diet reduced the anxiety such a lot not to mention the boost in energy and after just a month the ibs symptoms had more or less resolved .Adjusting to the diet change is strees full at first and often people dont understand your new needs but when you get used to were to buy what you want its actually much easier to shop as we dont get confused with too many choices. Dont hesitate to contact me should you need advice or want to chat .

Hope this is a help to you