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Re recipes: from Teresa on 2006-02-05

My son does not like eating bread. Could this be because of an intolerance to
bread or wheat/gluten products? He tends to get constipated rather than suffer from diarrhoea.

Re recipes: from Peter on 2006-02-06


You don't say how old your son is, or whether he behaves the same way with other foods. I wouldn't worry too much about simple likes and dislikes unless you see a pattern emerging asscociated with a significant medical problem.

Re: recipes: from Trish on 2007-03-19

I just found out that i have Celiac Disease at the age of 34. I am also diabetic. I was told that people who are diabetic are more likely to have celiac disease can anyone tell me why??

Re: recipes: from Kenneth Newman on 2008-01-10

Does anybody have the Recipe for Vegetable Cobbler.that was often printed

on the side of Broadlands Vegetable Suet boxes

Re: recipes: from nicky on 2008-02-07

Don't worry. If your grandaughter's diet is completely gf then she will be ok. My son was diagnosed at 13 yrs and, apart from eating out finds it easy to stick to the diet. If the whole family is to go on it, it will be expensive for bread and pasta, but your grandaughter will be able to get it free on prescription until she is 18.

Good easy foods to cook are tinned tuna or any plain fish, tofu, any plain meat, most baked beans, lentils (lasagne and various bakes), rice, jacket potatoes, most frozen oven chips (just check there isn't any flour in ingredients), cheese, salad, veg and fruit. You can buy gf flour to make sauces, etc. Breakfast cereals aren't so easy as they contain malt extract (so I buy gf ones which are organic, but a bit expensive

Wheat free recipes for bread maker: from Jill Richards on 2008-05-15

Could anyone please help us?

I am looking for recipes (British measurements) for wheat free bread (plain or fruity loaf) to be made in a breadmaker for my wheat allergic son and husband.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


bread recipes: from Marika on 2008-05-25

Hi Margaret.

My name is Marika. I would like to have some of your yeast free recipes for bread with bread makers. Thanks

Also, I have a question perhaps you can help me with.

I started a yeast free diet, so I am not sure I can still make bread using my cookworks b.machine, but avoiding any yeast i.e. just putting flour, water, oil and salt as ingredients?

any suggestions? a friend who works in a health shop said he does it all the time with his b.machine, but its a different one.

Help! I need to make bread, but wouldn't want my kitchen to explode!

Thanks (I could not find any contacts for cookworks on line)


Re bread recipes: from Barbara on 2008-09-05

Margaret, I am very interested in your recipes for gf and yeast free bread recipes as I also have a Panasonic breadmaker and find it difficult to find recipes to suit my diet and I miss my bread. Barbara Martindale

Gf recipes for Panasonic SD253: from Michelle on 2008-09-09

Hi there

Just read your post on the site.

I have the same breadmaker and wouldn't if you'd mind sharing any gf bread recipes you have that have worked on it.

Many thanks


Gluten-free Dairy-free and Soya-free recipes: from Peter on 2009-01-29

Sweet Chestnut Sponge Cake
Gluten-free Dairy-free and Soya-free


1/2 tin of sweet chestnut puree (about 200g)
2 eggs
60ml olive oil
4 oz sugar
2 oz crystallised ginger
6 oz cornflour
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar

Beat all the ingredients together.
use a deep cake tin.
Bake at 160 degrees Celsius for 50 minutes