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Re: Sausage making: from Vitto on 2007-02-19

I am in the need of information about GF casings. Can you please help me out on this.



Re: Sausage making: from Peter on 2007-02-19

Natural casings are made from the intestines of animals

Collagen sausage casings are made from protein fibers from beef. Both these are gluten-free

Re: Sausage making: from Jacki on 2007-04-16

Are store-bought sausages (with casing) gluten free?? Thank you.

Re: Sausage making: from Peter on 2007-04-16

Store bought sausages mostly have a large amount of breadcrumbs / rusk in them.
They are not gluten free unless they specifically state that they are made to a gluten-free recipe.

Re: Sausage making: from Mac on 2007-10-25

As a master butcher I am considering starting up a glutten / wheat free sausage making and distribution business, offering top quality pork susages, in a range of flavours, at the same price of standard cereal containing sausage, delivered in 5kg quantities to your door. Do you guys think it's worth pursuing

Re: Sausage making: from Peter on 2007-10-25

There is certainly a market for gluten-free sausages.
Other gluten-free foods enjoy a thriving mail order market, but these tend to be products with a good shelf life, and no perceived risk from warm temperatures during transport

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