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school dinners yuck: from on 2002-04-16

my daughter now 3 has been gluten free for 2 years now all was fine at nursery until they decided to give the children hot dinners they now say they cant cope with her diet , shall i just give up ,i dont think so , but what do i do? to me its easy but to the chef its not

Re: school dinners yuck: from Peter Thomson on 2002-04-18

Try suggesting to the chef where the information can be found.

Meals for young children should be mostly gluten-free anyway (not bread pastry and pasta all the time)


Re: school dinners yuck: from on 2002-10-11

If this is a public school aren't they legaly bound to comply with any medical dietary needs? I know that public schools here in the US are

Re: school dinners yuck: from on 2003-10-21

If the goverment pay for your childs school dinners then your child should be provided with the right things needed dont give up I am doing research on this and I dont think its right

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