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Re seizures: from aoife on 2011-01-11

hi,on googling this topic your website and forum came up.but most of the posts relate to children with seizures.I am 37 and was diagnosed ceoliac in june last year after years of very irregular fainting episodes,once or twice yearly but became more frequent last year after birth of my second child.it was a friend who suggested i get tested.my fainting episodes always happen in the middle of the night when i wake up with major stomach cramps, diarrhoea and then faint and have a seizure, go into hot and cold sweats then fall into a deep sleep. luckily my husband has been there all the time but it is very frightening.on reading about cd i dont think it is a common symptom but am wondering if anyone else suffers like this.ive been gf since july but had a fainting episode recently and have been feeling really groggy and exhausted since. thanks aoife