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skin problem: from on 2004-04-19

hai i have a son now he is 11 months old when he is 2 months old he has red spots and itching on the skin still he has the problem he is crying alot i shows the doctor she said that it is hixima how it will goes please give me a advice

Re: skin problem: from on 2004-04-22

My 8 month old son has very sore itchy red cheeks and every night he rubs his skin raw causing him problems to get to sleep, Cotton and material gets embedded on his skin. At times itmakes him very miserable and moany, I have put him on soya milk, sue non bio powder have had creams form t he doctor and nothing works. I,m very desperate, is there anything else i can do.


Re: skin problem: from on 2004-04-30

I've got an eight month old little girl and her cheeks are always red however they don't appear to be sore. She also has a really red and itchy rash like ecezma on her stomach and chest we've gone to soya milk and that has made it better but now i've cut out gluten as well and it's nearly gone

Re: skin problem: from on 2004-05-13

My baby is almost 4 months old. By three weeks old, she would cry when finishing feeding at the breast. Everything I read, doctors I spoke to and friends suggested that it was NOT what I ate but that she was so young and her digestive system was still developing. Also my doctor stated I had a colicky baby. The prior to this doctor's visit she had cried for 7 hours. I had to use gripe water after every feed to ease her stomach pains. It did help. But I was getting worried and tired.

What has saved my sanity is eliminating ALL gluten products and dairy from my diet. As soon as this was done I discovered a happy, easy going baby. NO LONGER USED GRIPE WATER. I have experimented recently with gluten foods to determine if it was coincidental (baby getting older), but when she was 3 1/2 months old, I ate home-made spelt bread (gluten product) and within 24 hours the nightmarish crying, cramping and colicky behaviours returned. After 36 hours (it seems to take that long to go through my system) I once again had a happy baby.

I do not have a colicky baby since I have changed my diet. It is worth the change and restrictions since I have so much fun with my baby girl

Re: skin problem: from on 2004-08-12

My 5 week old b/f ds sleeps beautifully at night (passing wind without obvious problem) but is in clear pain throughout most of the day (still passing wind at both ends most copiously!) Having read this site two days ago - I've completely cut out Wheat & Dairy to see if it helps. There's still a lot of wind (but then I didn't expect results overnight) but he's currently sleeping peacefully - which is unheard of at 9:30am (he used to wake at 7am and be up until 8 - 10pm). I will keep you posted as to how we get on, but was wondering if anyone could give a Dairy / Wheat freak (I've always eaten both in copious quantities) some guidelines as to what I should be eating to still keep the b/milk of good quality

Re: skin problem: from Sarah on 2007-11-15

Hi, cx, maybe you can try Karihome goat milk, a very good substitutioon to cow's and soy milk, especially for those with multiple food allergies and eczema

skin problem: from emma on 2008-12-08

My son had exactly the same problems, I now give him goats milk and he is on a wheat free and gluten free diet. it has completely cleared