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Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-05-19

You have to understand that you
should not judge my group on your rules because you belong to
mainstream medicine. Your branch of medicine has it's own
set of rules, my group is homeopathy and it is alternative
You can not judge acupuncture and naturopathic doctor's
medicine using the same set of rules as allopathic medicine which is where you belong.

You said
"there is no evidence that a simple oral peptide solution is able to induce tolerance in celiacs"
I disagree with you - you are referring to the majority
of oral tolerance experiments
using only one ingredient , the peptide.
Remember, that I am using 2 ingredients , therefore,
your statement applies to "the one-peptide trials".
It certainly does not apply to our group which uses
two ingredients formula.

As mentioned earlier, oral tolerance is safe and has had trials
on humans. In "Immunology Letters", 68 (1999) pp. 205-212. O.T.
trials were conducted for uveitis - patients received therapy
for 3 months; this article stated "none of the patients
experienced any adverse effects from this treatment".
Then in "Arthritis & Rheumatism", Vol.44, No.8, Aug. 2001,
pp.1775-1781, O.T. trials on juvenile arthritis , patients
were treated for 3 months. Of these patients, 2 were re-treated
for an additional 3 months. These trials would never have been
done if it was hazardous in any way.
There also was a test on diabetes but I leave that to you
to look it up.

"The possiblility of worsening the coeliac condition" I agree with you.

The only danger in oral tolerance,
which is rare is there may be an exacerbation of the condition in celiac disease using O.T.
However, once a trial has been done using oral
tolerance formula and the result has been found to lower the
antibody involved or the symptoms of the disease
has shown improvemt of the condition, then from that
point on, using the same formula will always come out
with the same result - improvement.
I am saying here that once one finds a formula where the results
are a lessening of the symptoms, this result will be consistent in its
outcome, when the treatment is used again and again.
The only thing the formula does is lower antibody to
gliadin in gluten.

When I applied my formula in the beginning, already
the outcome was positive and encouraging in that folks were saying it
improved them,improved digestion and some said their
celiac condition was better, that was homeopathy.
On the basis of the previous trial, we made a test now as homeopathy/oral tolerance , we are still
observing the same results , improvement as well as
cured cases.
As I mentioned, it will take a while before we finish, then
I'll ask some subjects to give their comments as well as relate
about their better health and healing.

You implied that oral tolerance has not shown to fix celiac/
gluten intolerance, then that means that my group's success
and achievement with the formula is a First,
it is unprecedented and folks who were unable to eat
gluten foods can do so now.

Antibodies per se are not the CAUSE of villous atrophy, and IgG anti-gliadin Ab is NOT seen in everybody.
May I ask the source for this statement, I'd like
to review the journal

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from david on 2004-05-19

The pathology of celiac disease is well-established through laboratory and clinical studies, and clinical physicians and doctoral scientists are in agreement throughout the world that the mechanism involves both plasma cell (antibody-mediated) and T-cell mediated responses in the pathogenesis.

Below are just a few of the 100's of international peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals that corroborates this thoroughly investigated mechanism:

Association between innate response to gliadin and activation of pathogenic T cells in coeliac disease.
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CD69 expression on alpha-gliadin-specific T cells in coeliac disease.
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Abnormalities of Th1 function in non-IgE food allergy, celiac disease, and ileal lymphonodular hyperplasia: a new relationship?
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[Disease mechanisms in coeliac disease]
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Nat Rev Immunol. 2002 Sep;2(9):647-55. Review.

Heterogeneity of intraepithelial lymphocytes in refractory sprue: potential implications of CD30 expression.
Gut. 2002 Sep;51(3):372-8.

T cells from celiac disease lesions recognize gliadin epitopes deamidated in situ by endogenous tissue transglutaminase.
Eur J Immunol. 2001 May;31(5):1317-23.

There are many more articles beyond these...just do an index search on pubmed of "celiac disease lymphocyte pathogenesis."

Once again, no matter what you call your "therapy," it does not ethically exempt you from fulfilling the burden of proof in making your fabulous medical claims of being able to cure celiac sprue. Without scientific validation and characterization, it may very well be likely that you are giving patients false hope, wasting their money and time, and most importantly endangering their lives. Health care professionals are and should be held to a higher standard, as any therapy carries with it its on set of risks and benefits.

Show us some clinical evidence, peer-reviewed by MD. or PhD scientists who are allowed full access to how you did your work and how to reproduce the results, and then I, for one, will sing your praises to any and all patients I treat with celiac disease, and encourage their participation in your revolutionary cure. Until then, I am going to safeguard my patients, as your benefits are unproven but the risks are very real

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-05-20

br /> When I started back in 1996-97,
I approached Research Services and the Biomedical
Research facilities, both of which are with the University
of British Columbia.
They turned me down 'cause their policy accepts only
those connected with them.
These 2 are the only med. research agencies in B.C.

I contacted the Celiac research in Ontario, again they
would not take me , I'm not an M.D.

Then I tried Drug manufacturers, to mention a few
Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Merck, altho they were interested,
with time it went nowhere. Lastly, I contacted the
Vice president of Inflazyme, a company right here in B.C.
still negative.

Since, it was homeopathy where I started, I could do it
as homeopathic medicine. This is not by choice but it
was the only path left for me. My purpose is to get
this remedy to those who need it one way or another.

Okay, you are mainstream medicine.
Would you be interested in testing , etc and
evaluating my group's formula

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-07-03

Why are you all spelling Coeliac wrong??

I would be very interested in a 'cure' for the disease and it seems that the vaccine route is being taken by many.

I would only trust it if approved by the Coeliac Society and they have reported this month on research being carried out in Australia


Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-07-03

br /> It is spelled both ways here in Canada.

As I mentioned, I have approached 2 research facilities in B.C.

The Celiac research in Ontario that I offered my info is part of
the Celiac Society.

it's no fault of mine that they refused to partner with me

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-07-04

Just out if interest do you have Coeliac Disease yourself?

I'm not trying to say that your research isn't valid or correct but it would seem that a recognised 'cure' is only going to come with the backing of the Coeliac Society.

Good luck with your research though

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-07-05

br /> Yep, I had C D before, it was a mild case
since the symptoms were never severe and I
could tolerate a slice of bread

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-07-05

Well the way it is dealt with here in the UK even if the symptoms are not severe we do not even have a slice of bread as it is a cumulative effect and not many Coeliacs would have a reaction to just one slice of bread. Plus it is a condition for life not something you grow out of

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-07-08

br />
I've viewed your reference to research by an Australian team at


Interesting - a vaccine.
They are in the right direction, going after coeliac disease
by factors manipulating the immune system.
A vaccine for C D would certainly have the antigenic determinants
of gliadin/gluten.

Do you realize that if a subject were to ingest such a vaccine,
it would constitute oral tolerance

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-07-09

You have completely lost me