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Re Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from Mac on 2005-07-15

Please be aware that virtually everything which Henry has stated in this thread is absolute nonsense and has no basis in science or medicine. His ideas on the mechanisms of coeliac disease and oral tolerance are completely inaccurate and he clearly has little understanding of the subject. It is this kind of rubbish which gets the Internet a bad name for health information. As someone who has worked on the immunology of coeliac disease for more than 25 years, I can state absolutely that there is as yet no role for oral tolerance in its treatment and that IgG antibodies are entirely meaningless in the disease.

Re Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from Noelle on 2005-07-17


I am interested to know any other results you may have encountered recently? I suffer from a mild gluten sensitivity (I think). Would O.T be effective in treating this?

Thank you!

Re Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from caz on 2005-10-02

Dont muck about with CD! A little bit of gluten can go a long way to causing very serious damage. My mum died 6weeks ago-only nine months after being diagnosed with enteropathy associated t-cell lymphoma-a result of poorly controlled CD. Please take it very seriously-you cant always see the damage that is going on internally by having small amounts of gluten.