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Re Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from Vilma on 2006-07-31

I have just bough Juwar flour from Tesco (they stock it in the bigger shops).

Re: Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from Neil Murphy on 2006-12-27

Garfava is a mix of Garbanzo beans and Fava bean flour (i.e. ground beans). It is a brand name for something produced by a Canadian company and they don't ship it here. In theory you could make it by mixing chicpea flour (ie Garbanzo flour) with fava beans flour, but of course the company claims they do something to it to make the consistency everyone raves about.

Re: Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from Biki on 2007-02-27

I am interested in being in touch with someone else who is also looking for unusual flours to use. I cannot have any of the gluten grains as well as no rice, corn or soy. It would be interesting to hear how you get hold of these flours and what your experience has been with using them. I am keen to experiment, any baking ideas that work?

I would love to hear from you if that was possible. Thanks


Re: Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from Sheilesh Shah on 2007-05-02

Dear Claire Hayes-Bradley.

I am the owner of Fudco & appologise for the response that you received.

i was just browsing and not realised of this site.

we are currently in the process of our web site which will have the other Gulten Free flours and all information related.

Many thanks


Re: Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from sandra on 2007-06-16

my local asian supermarket in nottingham has sorgham flour . has anybody manage to get garfava flour from anywhere in england.mail order would do.

Re: Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from sandra on 2007-06-20

anyone know where to buy cornstarch or sweet rice flour

Re: Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from A.Fatm on 2007-07-11


Can you please let me know how to get Garfava. I live in Canada- toronto I got the sorghum or jaur as they call it but i need to fined a suplpier for the Garfava and I want to know if they send it over see .

Re: Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from E.Schiff on 2007-07-31

There is nothing magical about garfava flour - they added the fava bean flour to reduce the "beany" taste of the Garbanzos (chickpeas). My "whole grains bread machine" cookbook (pre-gluten diet days) talks about adding all kinds of bean flours in small amounts (to wheat flour) to improve texture and moisture. Try using pure garbanzo bean or get experimental and try a variety of bean / lentil flours from your local Indian market. Cheaper than a health food store and may be fresher as I think they have a good turnover. Garbanzo=besan flour. Also try urad or toor/tuvar flour (or idly flour? One of those is used to make idly) if you can find it, maybe mixed 1:1 with the besan. Indian grocer also a good source for rice flour - once again less expensive than the health food store.

American recipes reference corn starch - which I know as cornflour - we used to use it to thicken sauces, very fine white powder. Then some American recipes reference corn flour meaning corn porridge that is as finely ground as wheat flour, one recipe suggested putting corn porridge into a clean (dedicated) coffee grinder to get it fine enough. I did find "corn flour" at my local Indian grocer.

My best gluten free bread attempt so far had garfava, tapioca, sorghum, cornstarch, potato starch in it - just measuring all that is kind of irritating. (Potato starch is a kosher staple if you can't find it elsewhere.)

Re: Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from Sukh on 2007-08-05

this all sounds very interesting. i have just found out my 7 month old son is allergic to wheat, soya and milk. i wanted to make roti/ chappati's for him so i will try sarghum flour. thankyou

Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from daksha shah on 2007-11-25

I bought it from VB which is an indian grocers in Kingsbury, london NW9. I bought it not knowing what to do with it so interesting recipes would be most welcome. I need to have savoury rather than sweet ones as am trying a wheat and sugar free diet.