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starch and other forms of starch: from on 2003-11-27

I have found gluten in several vitamins I was taking and starch in some as well. Is there a site that might offer a complete list of ingredients to stay away from. I try to be very careful with reading ingredients but keep making mistakes because of ingredients I find out about later. I don't have intestinal problems but tried eating GF because of other symptoms I've had for 4 months. Tingling, sharp pains and constant aching among other symptoms in all joints and arms and legs. I tried the GF diet, and when I accidentally eat other forms of gluten it starts up again. I've also lost 4 lbs. already. Can't afford to lose any weight. Any suggestions?

Re: starch and other forms of starch: from Peter on 2003-12-02

Look at the thread, what not to eat, earlier in this forum.

I found I was loosing too much weight when I first went on a gf diet. I add a spoonful of olive oil to vegetables, stews etc to increase my energy intake. Seems to work.


starch and other forms of starch: from mags on 2008-11-06

My father has being a celiac for years but the last 12 months any of the food he eats does not agree with him. The food that he would eat contains alot of starch eg maize, modified maize starch etc. Is this okay to take? ,

Thanking you for your help in this matter

starch and other forms of starch: from Peter on 2008-11-06

Modified maize starch is fine for most coeliacs, and most can eat a diet with a lot of refined starch without any problems - e.g. products made from rice flour, potato flour etc.
Check first of all that there is no source in his diet that simply says 'modified starch' as this may be wheat starch.
Check that he is not eating breakfast cereals that list 'malt flavouring' in the ingredients. This can be significant quantities of barley.
If you are sure that there is no hidden source of gluten in the diet there are two main alternatives. One is that coeliacs like anyone else suffer from other problems of the digestive system, so a visit to the doctor is needed for a checkup.
The second possibility is a problem that all fine starch can be absorbed by the gut and starts to set up inflamation. The only test - and the solution - for this is to follow a diet of fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetables and rice and potatoes that have not been through a manufacturing process or altered in any way. Try it and see how it goes

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