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Re: sticking to gluten free diet: from Peter on 2001-11-19

An excellent discussion


Re sticking to gluten free diet: from Brooke on 2005-05-30

I have felt absolutely awful for around a year now, and it is only now the doctor is taking notice of me telling him I think it is coeliacs. But because I kind of know this a while ago, I have been on a gluten free diet. So, when my blood test results came back, they were negative because there wasn't much gluten in my body!
I am now to see a gastroentrologist but apparently I have to back on to gluten fully for three weeks. Has anyone else had this problem? I am just dreading the side effects gluten will give me.

Re sticking to gluten free diet: from Peter on 2005-05-30

I had exactly the same problem when I changed doctor a few years ago. My new doctor thought it was about time that I had a full checkup, including new tests for the coeliac condition.- for which I was instructed to eat gluten every day.
The results were somewhat inconclusive, so I looked up the research on the time it takes for gluten to damage your gut and cause all the symptoms - and get a positive results on the tests. The research showed that many people do not develop all the symptoms immediately, and do not always turn up a positive result on the blood tests.

So this is why I always stress that if you think you are reacting badly to gluten, get all the tests done before you put yourself or your child on a gluten-free diet.

If your response to gluten is very obvious and the symptoms go away on a gluten-free diet, and tests are not practical, then discuss it with your doctor before you start a gluten-free diet.

But the short answer is yes - anyone taking tests for the coeliac condition must continue eating gluten until the tests are complete, and be prepared for inconclusive results if you have been gluten-free for some time.


Re sticking to gluten free diet: from olivia on 2009-04-18

My daughter had a bad case of gastro-enteritis some years ago,which left her with a 'leaky gut' and was advised, when eating afterwards to eat easily digested food, so she had pasta. Now, any food containing gluten causes bad reactions, bad stomach cramps,vomiting, diahoreah (I can't spell that!) and feeling rotten for days afterwards. If she avoids it she is fine, but sometimes if she wants to indulge (in profiteroles for example), she takes Buscopan first to help negate the reaction

Re sticking to gluten free diet: from Peter on 2009-04-19

Your daughter seems to be developing a very strong adverse reaction to gluten. Unfortunately the Buscopan may be simply masking the symptoms, and not protecting her from damage.
There is quite a serious risk of developing anaphalactic shock reaction to the food if she persists.
Your daughter should stick to a gluten-free diet.
Advice I have seen for leaky gut syndrome is to avoid all highly refined flour and food. Eat fresh meat, fish fruit and vegetables, eggs,
potato but not potato flour
rice but not rice flour, and brown rice rather than white rice.
The intention of this is to force the food to be properly digested and absorbed slowly, rather than undigested particles being able to be taken up by the gut wall.

Cornflour doesn't seem to cause the same problems as other flours as it forms a jelly with water much more easily and can be used to make sauces and thickeners