94.Sweet potatoes and starch

Sweet potatoes and starch

Montmorency2007-11-08 I notice that sweet potatoes have a smaller starch content than potatoes (less than 10% as opposed to 30%).

Might they be safe to combine with protein after all?

Slightly related, my wife is interested, as I am, in trying the Hay diet, but she loves Shepherd's Pie, which, on the face of it, is a no no.

Is there a Hay-compatible version of Shepherd's/Cottage pie?

(retaining the meat...I don't mean a veggie version).

I'd thought of sweet potato, parsnip, swede, carrot, turnip, mashed, instead of ordinary potato. (or leave out the sweet potato, if it is too starchy).




Sweet potatoes and starch

Peter2007-11-08 I would make the Shepherds Pie with parsnip, swede, carrot, turnip, mashed and leave out the sweet potato.

Sweet Potato is 75 percent water. Although starch is 7 percent of cooked weight it is nearer 20 percent of the dry weight.