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Tea & Chocolate!

Jeni2007-08-22 Hi.

I have been researching food combining and have decided to give it a go. I'm a bit lost about a few things though. I enjoy a couple of cups of tea per day (with soya milk) and wondered if this is ok. I also have 1 - 2 squares of 'Green & Blacks' dark chocolate per day. Should i carry on having these as i do love them!

Hope someone can help.



Tea & Chocolate!

Peter2007-08-22 When you look at something like tea and chocolate think of the overall picture. The amount of food value in these is very low, so they won't upset the starch protein balance of a meal.

A larger amount of chocolate could be a problem, but if you can keep it to 2 little squares than enjoy it.

Tea & Chocolate!

jeni2007-08-23 thanx peter, i'm starting today so i'll let you know how i go!