107.What to do to gain weight

What to do to gain wait

2005-07-25 Hi Peter,
i am 50 years old ,6ft 5inches 83 kg in weight.Muscular ,very fit, I eat a lot ,healthy (i hope) but i don't put any weight on.I have been the same weight since i was in the army ,when i was 20 years old. Am i eating the wrong foods?
Take care

What to do to gain wait

RAMESH BHARDWAJ2006-07-01 i am 30 years 6 months unmarried guy . i am 50kg in weight and very skinny . i want to gain weight.
Please advice

What to do to gain wait

Peter2006-07-01 Our bodies have a natural regulation mechanism that controls our normal body weight. When this is working normally, with a healthy diet, this keeps our body weight fairly constant over long periods, and helps control our appetite.

Trying to increase body weight should only be done through more exercise - and not excessive exercise, which allows the body's control mechanisms to stay in control.

Your appetite should adjust naturally to the body's needs.

how to gain wait plz advice me

shivangi2006-09-23 Hi

I am a student of BCA 2nd Year but unfortunetly very thin . i m 5feet 6inch
and my wait is around 42 k.g . My friends use to call me stick .
plz do something for me i will be very thankfull to you.

Tell me what type of fod i should include in my deit,

What to do to gain wait

fiza2006-11-07 hi fiza here

plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me if any one can my age is 19 female much beautiful green eyes n golden hairs but my weight is only 37 kg i m feeling much embarriesd at colleg i m in year 13 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me n tell me any diet or medicine n mail me on my mailing adress i shall be very thank ful to u

What to do to gain wait

lozah2006-11-30 hi i am 36 years old -158cm tall-48kg wait since 10 years. i am so thin please tell me how to gain more 10 kgs . i look bad.


What to do to gain wait

rai2007-03-29 Well frnz my personal experiences says that to gain wait is do exercise.. continously.. a bit heavy gymming.. and then leave it for 1 month u'll see change in ur physic... I experienced the same.. I was also skinny.. but after doing exercise Im lean now.. my weight is also constant.. just give it a try.. its much better than taking diet suppliments and all.. All the best.. hope u all get soon what u want about ur physic