156.Yucca palmito etc

Yucca, palmito etc

2003-11-14 Hi Peter !

I'm trying to follow food combining too and I'm still new so I have few questions. In what group are yucca and palmito ( heart of palm tree) ? Also I have found difficult to find information for more exotic food ( I live in Costa Rica and here they eat different things ). Could you advise me where to find a good source for exotic foods also ? And one last thing- is it really forbitten to eat cereals/muesli with milk ( I also like soyamilk) and mashed potatoes with milk ? These are my favourits.

Thanks :)

Re: Yucca, palmito etc

Peter2003-11-16 I haven't seen any food analyses for yucca and palmito. I would guess at them being low in protein, some starch, but could be treated as a vegetable.

I suggest fruit juice with cereal, but it depends on quantity - a little skim milk is very low on protein. Soya milk is much higher in protein.


Re: Yucca, and where to buy

2004-03-21 Hi,

I've found a recipe requiring 2 lbs of yukka root (school project}

Have you any idea where to buy this in the UK?




Re: Yucca, and where to buy

2005-01-29 Dear Garry,

Looking for a recipe for a yukka root - can't find one but you say you have one but can't find the root! I bought the root in a Middle Eastern shop called "Al Baydar" in North End Rd, Fulham, London, SW6. One day earlier this week they didn't have any today as I was in the shop looking for saomething else and noticed all the yukkas have gone!

Have seen them there before and possily in some of the other Middle Eastern/Lebanese shops on the same road. there are quite a few these days and I use them regularly for all sorts of things.

Some of the stalls on the North End Road street market are actually really good too - great value AND great quality if you are careful. Not silly farmer's market prices. I do support Farmer's markets at times and definitely buy some things direct from producers. Unfortunately some of the farmer's markets in London are very overpriced because they are fashionable right now!

Would love to see your yukka recipe!

Best wishes,


Re Yucca, and where to buy

Jean2006-09-17 I live in Spain and the yukka roots are radily avaiilable at this time of the year, but I do not have a recipe for them and wondered if you could give me yours. Thanks.

Re: Yucca, and where to buy

alison2007-05-02 we will be traveling to switzerland - st. gallen / teuffen and woud like to know if we can buy yucca root there?

alternatively, does anyone know where in Europe i can purchase this and have it shipped to our hotel?

thanks in advance


Yucca, palmito etc

ray Steiger2008-07-15 I have heard that jelly can be made of the flowers of the yucca. Can someone send me the recipe?