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Combining wheat with proteins: from Shabazz on 2006-12-18


First of all, I am fairly new to this "eating healthy thing" but I am eager to maintain a new way of eating properly.I am getting conflicting information regarding combining wheat with proteins. On one hand I read, wheat is a starch. I know starches and proteins don't make for a good combination. Then, I read wheat bread high in protein is good with tofu and other proteins. What does this mean? I can have my beef and eat wheat too, or not? I am working hard to improve my eating habbits. One of the things that I am trying to do is avoid eating proteins with starches. So can I eat a turkey sandwhich with whole wheat bread or not? Can I eat eggs and turkey sausage with buckwheat pancakes or not? Can I eat brown rice with tuna in a red panang curry sauce from Trader Joe's or not? Can I eat my oatmeal with soy milk or any type of milk(except any homoginized milk) for that matter, or not? Can-I-live?? Someone........help-me-live! LOL!