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Headpains after starting hay diet: from Christsine on 2010-02-02

What you were experiencing were withdrawal symptoms as the harmful . substances you had taken in to your body and were stored in fatty deposits were once more able to enter the blood system on their way out of the body. On their way round the blood system they pass through the brain and cause these symptoms. Think of the hangovers you may have had in the past or the food you felt you had to eat although you weren't sure if it was a good idea. Hang in there and feel better and better

Re: Headpains after starting hay diet: from kirsty on 2010-07-26

hi ..i'm going to start the hay diet this week ...can you suggest a good recipe book to keep me on track and suggest some breakfast's, lunches , dinners that have worked well for you ....like i love beans on wholemeal toast at breakfast but is this a good combination ?????? look forward to hearing your reply ...thanks