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I am new: from on 2002-05-18

Hi, I was quite suprised to find a forum on this subject!! I have been reading alot about the Hay diet recently & want to give it a try. I am 3 stones overweight & feel tired & have no energy. I would like to hear from other people who have tried this diet & have had good weight loss & feel better in themselves. Thanks, Lisa

Re: I am new: from on 2003-01-29

I am new as well. I would like to know if this recipe for chilie is with in the food combining guidlines. Gimme lean Meatless substitute, tomatoe sauce, green and red peppers, onions, kidney beans and black beans.

Thanks for any responses and advice on recipes!


Re: I am new: from on 2003-02-24

cindy, although the gimme lean might fall in to the highly prodcessed foods category, you have to check - is it made of soy, or wheat gluten? if soy, you're fine, you can make this part of your protein meal (with the salad, of course), if wheat gluten, although it does contain protein in high amounts, it's made of starch, and should probably be avoided (i know, it's sad, i like it too :)..
good luck,

Re: I am new! Chillie recipe: from on 2003-05-12


I have always treated kidney beans and black beans as starch and Soy/soya beans as a protein.

Instead of mince I would use minced quorn and I would substitute soy/soya beans for the kidney and black beans. All else remains the same.

Soya beans are the only bean I class as protein.


Re: I am new! Chillie recipe: from on 2004-07-20

I have had great success with food combining, though I do a few other things that help too. I take a digestive enzyme (I use a"probiotic"- a capsule with healthy bacteria stains for digestive health. There are a number of products that fall into this category. Culturelle, Flora Protect and Primal Defense.) I also avoid the foods that I am allergic to (I got a blood test to determine my food allergies.) I have lost 6.5 lbs in 2 weeks have loads of energy and require less sleep. I highly recommend it

I am new: from aimee on 2008-02-27

Hi everyone

i am new on this diet and was told to go on it by the doctor as i have very painful joints, and im only 17! i am also very interested on the weight loss side of it as i am always trying to loose weight, i would like to loose around 2 stone, and i am a very poor sleeper and heard this diet can help. can any of you please email back saying your past experiances on the diet, as i would be really greatful. Weight loss, inches, sleeping patterns, even about less joint pain. I have a lot of natural yogurt, is that bad? please any tips would be fab, because im young and learning!

thanx x x x

Re: I am new: from aimee on 2008-02-28


i am 17 years old and have had to go on the hay diet for medical purposes, (i have bad joints) but i would also like to loose some weight, could you please let me know how long it took u to lose weight and any tips you have for me, thanx a lot x x x x x x x