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Quinoa - starch or protein: from on 2004-11-27

I'm a bit confused about quinoa, it's listed as a starch ingredient, yet it is a whole protein in itself. Can any one explain this to me and how it should be used?


Re: Quinoa - starch or protein: from on 2004-12-02

its got loads more starch than protein, but then what do you do with quark [about same amt. of protein per 100g]? mung beans are messy: 23\%p, 44\%s. these are dry figures tho.. but yep- these dont have all the amino acids

Re: Quinoa - starch or protein: from Peter on 2005-01-17

Almost all food is a mixture of starch and protein. The Hay diet separates those that are predominantly protein from those that are predominantly starch.


Re: Quinoa - starch or protein: from mark on 2008-08-09

the protein in quinoa IS a fullworthy protein. swedish nutritional labelling laws are extremely strict; any food sold here must have passed govt. monitored tests by the state laboratory of viand control, and producers MAY NOT label their products to contain protein unless it is fullworthy. also, IF the product contains fullworthy protein, these laws also require the producer to mention it in the nutritional description.

it doesn't matter if it's a bag of jellybeans saying 0.05g per 100g, or a can of soy beans saying 40g per 100g - if it says protein, it is fullworthy protein, and nothing less