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sweetcorn - olives - nibbles

2004-01-08 hi there everyone,

i started food combining 3 days ago. seems to be going ok so far. have a few questions though.

sweetcorn: is it S, P or N??

olives: S, P, N?

avacados: the book i have says they are N but earlier on a web site i saw it in S list. a bit confused now :(

i do like having nibbles, what can i have for nibbles? Are seeds and nuts my only option? can i nibble on fruit as and when i want? i am worried if i have too any nuts and seeds it wont help as they are high in fat.

can anyone help me please?

love to you all :)

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lisa2004-01-13 hi

Re: sweetcorn - olives - nibbles

lisa2004-01-13 hi

i havn't been doing the diet for long like yourself but i do know that sweetcorn is neutral and olives are neutral.

i'm still trying to find out about nibbles myself as i'm not particularly into nuts and seeds, if i find out any more then will let you know

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2004-01-14 I nibble on-

Dried Apricots,


cashew nuts,


or if im have 2 starch meals in a row (ie lunch and dinner) then ill nibble on a handful of cereal.

Re: sweetcorn - olives - nibbles

2004-12-06 sweetcorn is starch according to kathryn marsden's "the complete book of food combining": anything over 10%. it is 20%.